In a recent gameplay session, an online player from the LetsGiveItASpin YouTube channel sought the guidance of an artificial intelligence named “ChatGPT” to craft a winning strategy for the popular online casino game, Crazy Time. Starting with 2,500 euros, the player had a bankroll sufficient for 11 rounds.

ChatGPT’s proposed strategy involved distributing bets as follows:

One unit on each of the numbers, two units on Cash Hunt, two units on Pachinko, one unit on Coin Flip, and four on Crazy Time.

As the rounds progressed, LetsGiveItASpin seemed skeptical, especially after facing a loss in the initial stages, ending up 345 euros down after two spins.

Deciding to pivot, the player made some adjustments, focusing on 10 rather than spreading bets among numbers. This strategy, combined with ChatGPT’s advice, soon showed promising results, with multiple successful outcomes.

Specifically, the player had the fortunate opportunity to enter the Pachinko bonus round with a wager of €50. Within this round, following the initial drop, he faced a ‘DOUBLE’, and after the second launch, a win of 70x, totaling €3550.

Opting to transfer all the chips from the numbered segments to 10 proved to be a wise choice, as the wheel landed on the number 10 multiple times throughout the session. This effectively resulted in the player receiving a complete reimbursement of their initial bet.

The player also managed to trigger an exceedingly fortunate Coin Flip bonus. In this scenario, the red side of the coin garnered a 50x multiplier, while the blue side received a 4x multiplier. Following the flip, the coin landed with the red side facing up, resulting in an additional €1,275 for the player. If you’ve experienced Crazy Time and know the Coin Flip bonus, you’re aware that such high multipliers in this bonus are quite uncommon.

Interestingly, during the session, the player engaged in a playful exchange with the game’s host about the AI-driven strategy. The host humorously confirmed that the AI strategy might be effective, quipping, “Follow it! Why not?”

By the end of the session, the player had secured a profit of 2,445 euros over a short 20-minute period, giving credit to ChatGPT’s strategy. While the session was entertaining and profitable, it also hinted at the potential of AI in shaping gaming strategies. It remains to be seen how widely such AI-driven approaches will be adopted in the gaming community.

Watch the full video below:

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