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Players who value their privacy and security in online gambling are increasingly turning to anonymous Bitcoin casinos. Unlike traditional casinos that require a significant amount of personal information, anonymous casinos only ask for the minimum and allow players to gamble with cryptocurrency, thus further increasing their financial privacy. However, due to the lack of regulation in the crypto industry, some dubious companies are operating in it, alongside legit anonymous BTC casinos. Therefore, it is essential to learn everything about anonymous casinos before making a deposit.

What Are Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos?

An anonymous Bitcoin casino is an online gambling website that allows players to use the standard casino features, including opening an account, playing games, making transactions, and receiving bonuses, all while maintaining complete anonymity.

Such casinos are becoming more and more popular as players prefer to use anonymous cryptocurrencies for gambling. The demand for privacy in online gambling has led to the increased trend of anonymous crypto casinos. As a result, these casinos are gaining traction among players and getting more sophisticated.

Types of Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos

Depending on how Bitcoin casinos handle the verification of their players, they can be divided into the following groups:

  • Fully anonymous Bitcoin casinos – Such casinos will never ask for your data or documents.
  • Conditionally anonymous Bitcoin casinos – These casinos usually do not request verification, but may do so as per the requirements of the regulator or based on their own considerations.
  • Non-anonymous Bitcoin casinos – Such casinos conduct mandatory KYC checks with your first withdrawal of winnings.

However, Bitcoin casinos never require verification before accepting a deposit, as it happens in some traditional online casinos.

Best Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos List

Despite the growing number of regulations related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, there are still some crypto casinos offering anonymous gambling in 2023. However, it is important to exercise caution and carefully review the terms and conditions of any crypto casino claiming to be anonymous to determine their stance on KYC (Know Your Customer) policies.

In fact, only a few crypto casinos offer their players the benefits of completely anonymous gambling. In most other cases, verification provisions are included in the terms and conditions, even if they are rarely applied in practice.

Many crypto casinos strive to be known as anonymous and usually don’t request verification from their players. Nevertheless, if their terms contain the corresponding provisions, you should be aware that they may want to see your documents at any moment. Therefore, if you are looking to maintain your privacy while gambling, it is essential to make sure that the casino is truly anonymous and, at the same time, trustworthy.

In each review on this page, we indicate whether the casino’s rules contain KYC provisions. If they do not, you are guaranteed an anonymous gambling experience. We also list casinos that don’t normally request verification but have clauses allowing them to do that. These casinos are good for players who don’t want to spend time passing through KYC checks. However, if you play from a restricted country or provide false information, you do so at your own risk, as the possibility of KYC can never be ruled out with this group of casinos.

LTC Casino – Bitcoin Casino Offering the Highest Level of Anonymity

LTC Casino was founded by an experienced team in both crypto and online gambling industries with the sole purpose of giving players back the option of anonymous Bitcoin gambling. Just five years ago, you could gamble with Bitcoin without even thinking about KYC. Since then, the situation around anonymous gambling has gone downhill.

In the best traditions of old-school Bitcoin gambling, LTC Casino provides players with a real opportunity to gamble anonymously in 2023. You won’t find a single mention of KYC in their terms and conditions. Multiple player reviews also confirm that with LTC Casino, they have had a completely anonymous Bitcoin gambling experience. Besides, there is no mention of prohibited countries in the terms and conditions, which allows playing at LTC Casino from any jurisdiction.

Here is a glimpse at our experience with LTC Casino. As expected, we didn’t have to provide superfluous data to sign up at LTC Casino. In fact, to join the site, you only need to specify your email address and password, which you will need later to access your account. Since our objective was to test the anonymity, after making 6 spins on Gates of Olympus, we decided to withdraw the deposited funds. The withdrawal passed smoothly, and BTC appeared in our wallet after 5 minutes and 40 seconds, with the first confirmation in the blockchain.

When it comes to game selection, LTC Casino pleasantly surprised us, considering it’s one of the anonymous casinos, which usually have a harder time contracting with big providers. All game categories are conveniently located in the left menu, while the provider selection is above the game grid. LTC Casino offers all the game categories you’d expect to see at an online casino, including slots, jackpot games, live games, game shows, and instant win games such as Crash and Plinko. BGaming, Pragmatic Play, Booming Games, and Evolution are among the most notable providers powering LTC Casino, but the whole range is far from being limited to these.

KYC mentioned in Terms and Conditions: No

LTC Casino Homepage Onliine Screenshot

LTC Casino Homepage


Games is an anonymous crypto casino from a popular portal about digital investments. According to the casino website, Games is regulated under the laws of Costa Rica. There is no such thing as a Costa Rican license for an online casino, so it hardly offers any additional guarantees for players. On the other hand, it also exempts players from having to undergo verification, which is exactly what those who ended up on this page are looking for.

Games does not mention KYC in its terms but lists several conditions under which they may close your account, such as playing from a country where placing bets on gambling products is prohibited by law. However, since they never actually perform player verification, these restrictions are not applied in practice.

As a downside of Games, we should mention the fact that by default, it supports only two cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Of course, the casino has a built-in converter that significantly expands the list of supported cryptocurrencies, but it may feel too complicated for novice users.

At the same time, Games features a full collection of casino games that, among other things, includes several exclusive crypto-themed slots such as The Angry Banker. Additionally, the website runs a cashback promotion for new users and offers regular deals that are not typical for most anonymous Bitcoin casinos.

KYC mentioned in Terms and Conditions: No Casino Main Page

As the name suggests, is aimed at American players. In most cases, such casinos are anonymous, and this is the case with But don’t worry, as you can freely play from any other jurisdiction too.

Please note that the policies contain a single mention of KYC. It says that verification will be required if you want to withdraw more than 10 BTC per month. Obviously, this does not apply to 99.9% of players.

More explanation can be found in the FAQ section of Answering whether is 100% anonymous, they say that generally the platform operates anonymously and doesn’t require any personal information, not even your name. However, there may be certain circumstances where they are required to collect information, such as when an account is suspected of being hacked or engaging in fraudulent activity. So, if you don’t withdraw more than 10 BTC per month and don’t engage in suspicious activity, you should be fine.

When it comes to games, offers a typical collection of slots from such providers as BGaming, 1spin4win, and Endorphina. However, there are no live games. You may also be interested in their promotions, such as free spins, cashback, and a monthly tournament.

Overall, is quite an average gambling site but still suitable for anonymous betting with cryptocurrencies.

KYC mentioned in Terms and Conditions: Yes Casino Main Page Casino Main Page


CryptoGames is a Bitcoin casino offering players a collection of in-house provably fair games such as Dice, Roulette, Minesweeper, Keno, Video Poker, Plinko, Slot, and Lottery. Like other casinos of this kind, CryptoGames allows you to play anonymously.

CryptoGames invites players to pass verification for additional benefits, such as getting two extra faucet levels and removing the speed limit in Dice. The casino also mentions that it may request KYC to prevent suspicious activity and/or money laundering. But in general, verification is not required.

KYC mentioned in Terms and Conditions: Yes

CryptoGames Casino Main Page

CryptoGames Casino Main Page offers many game titles and hassle-free gameplay. Its attractive design and generous offers have made it a popular choice among iGaming and Evolution players. The user-friendly interface can be browsed in light or dark modes, and players have access to customer support through a variety of channels, including chat.

Regarding verification, the relevant provisions can be found in the rules. Specifically, states that verification may be requested if there are strong reasons for that. However, as evidenced by the experience of many players, most likely, you will not even have to disclose your name.

KYC mentioned in Terms and Conditions: Yes Casino Main Page Casino Main Page

Pros and Cons of Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos


  • Total privacy. The main advantage of anonymous online casinos is that players are protected from third parties and can gamble in complete privacy. Transactions are not linked to banks, which ensures that gambling will not damage a player’s credit history.
  • No state interference. Players can avoid clashing with authorities and official laws by choosing anonymous crypto-gambling sites. Blockchain technology ensures that players are clear of authorities and that their transactions are invisible.
  • Fast and easy registration. Anonymous crypto casinos require only minimal personal information to register, allowing players to dive right into the game.
  • Fast payouts. With no additional information required, anonymous crypto casinos offer faster payouts compared to traditional gambling sites.
  • Beneficial terms. Anonymous crypto casinos often offer better terms and conditions, including higher RTP values, bonuses with low wagering requirements, provably fair games, and no fees for withdrawals.
  • All countries accepted. Anonymous Bitcoin casinos require no personal information or your location, allowing players from all over the world to access their games and bonuses. Unlike traditional casinos, which may have geo-restrictions, anonymous Bitcoin casinos impose none.


  • Lack of official guiding principles. Anonymous casinos have no official guidelines, meaning casinos can be as risky as they want to be. This can be problematic for players in the event of a dispute, as there is no regulatory body to help resolve the issue. This is why it is so important to check the reputation of an anonymous Bitcoin casino before making a deposit.
  • Lack of variety. There are not many anonymous casinos, and they tend to have a smaller selection of games compared to regular online casinos. This is due to the lack of partnerships with software providers.

How to Play with Bitcoin Anonymously and Safely: 5 Tips

When it comes to choosing anonymous Bitcoin casinos, you want to make sure you’re playing at a reputable and trustworthy brand. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

  1. Research the casino thoroughly. Take time to research the casino before you make a deposit. Check out our list of trusted brands and look for information on forums or casino social media pages.
  2. Read the terms and conditions. Make sure you understand the casino’s policies regarding deposit and withdrawal fees, prohibited territories, and other important details by reading the terms and conditions.
  3. Play responsibly. Set limits for yourself and play within your means. Do not chase losses and stop gambling when you no longer enjoy it.
  4. Use private coins. To further protect the anonymity of your transactions, use privacy coins when playing at anonymous crypto casinos.
  5. Play provably fair games. Choose games based on provably fair algorithms to ensure that each round is valid and that the results are determined fairly.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of having a positive and safe gaming experience at anonymous Bitcoin casinos.

Why You May Be Required to Pass a KYC Check at a Bitcoin Casino

The identity verification process, also known as KYC, may vary from one Bitcoin casino to another in terms of the documents required. Some casinos may only require a photo of a player’s ID or passport, while others ask for additional documents, such as a bank statement or proof of residency. In contrast, the best anonymous Bitcoin casinos do not collect players’ data and documents at all. They are called anonymous casinos for a reason, after all.

Some may question the need for identity verification in such a decentralized and unregulated environment as the crypto industry. However, like traditional online casinos, most crypto casino games are powered by third-party software developers who usually only work with licensed online casinos. Licensing authorities require online casinos to meet a number of requirements, including verifying the identity of their players.

The authorities, in turn, have their own vision of how the regulated online gambling industry should work. The main reasons for KYC checks at crypto casinos include age verification, preventing money laundering and circumventing the self-exclusion programs. Crypto casinos may also have their own motives for verification, such as user account security, bonus abuse, and affiliate program abuse.

Anyway, players see little benefit in verification. Many simply are unwilling to spend extra time on verification, when anonymous Bitcoin casinos offer them an option to instantly withdraw their funds after winning with no further delays. In addition, a number of players do not want to share their data with the operator of a casino, where they may be playing for the first and last time ever. Finally, some players reside in regions where making a deposit into an online casino is problematic because of various restrictions in place.

Evidently, the desire to stay anonymous when playing at an online casino is not related to anything criminal. Anonymous Bitcoin casinos, on their part, are happy to meet the players’ needs and offer them the much-needed benefit of private gambling.

Anonymous Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Many players wonder if there are any anonymous Bitcoin casinos with bonuses. The answer is yes, but they have their specifics.

You may know that casino bonuses open up possibilities for various abuses. That’s why online casinos try to limit the number of bonuses per player and identify players before they pay out winnings received from bonus funds. However, since anonymous Bitcoin casinos do not require KYC, they are especially vulnerable in this regard.

Many anonymous Bitcoin casinos put an emphasis on loyalty programs. Any player can participate in these programs by simply placing bets. You play and at the same time accumulate rakeback or points for a new level. Of course, it may not be as attractive as a 500% deposit match, but that’s how anonymous Bitcoin casinos can reward their players and simultaneously protect themselves from bonus abusers.

As for deposit bonuses, they can also be found in anonymous Bitcoin casinos, but we do not recommend using them if your goal is to gamble without an ID. Deposit bonuses entail additional scrutiny at the time of withdrawal, and if the casino suspects you of fraudulent activity, you will be asked to pass KYC.

Best Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos FAQ

Is Stake casino anonymous?
Although popular, Stake is not a fully anonymous Bitcoin casino. In order to start playing, you need to provide your personal data and may be required to further submit documents in case of suspicious activity on your account.

How do I minimize the risks of being forced to submit my documents at an online casino?
Foremost, you should play at Bitcoin casinos, as only this category can offer players an anonymous gambling experience. Secondly, do not use bonuses, as they often involve additional checks for abuse.

What Bitcoin casinos are completely anonymous?
As of today, only LTC Casino and Games guarantee a totally anonymous gambling experience with BTC. In all other cases, there is a possibility of KYC being requested, even if the casino allows most players to play without it.

Are Bitcoin transactions completely anonymous?
Not really. Bitcoin transactions are often thought to be completely anonymous, but in reality, they are only pseudo-anonymous. While it is true that your Bitcoin address can be tracked by technical experts with the appropriate tools, your privacy is rarely compromised unless you are under investigation by authorities for a serious crime. You can enhance your privacy by avoiding casinos with KYC requirements, but it is important to understand that complete anonymity is not guaranteed with Bitcoin transactions.