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USA online casinos have become much less accessible lately due to the adoption of legislative acts restricting their activities. Fortunately, USA Bitcoin casinos are still around and continue to thrive, delighting players with exclusive games and better bonuses. What’s more, these casinos possess unique advantages stemming from the use of cryptocurrencies. Through our guide, you’ll learn how to pick the best Bitcoin casinos in USA and get the most out of their offerings.

Best Bitcoin Casinos USA List

The sidebar features a list of the best USA Bitcoin casinos you can access without any limitations. We have included unique features next to each casino on the list, so that any player could find the right crypto gambling website. Click on any of the listed casinos to see a detailed review describing its pros and cons and claim exclusive offers.

Why These Bitcoin Casinos Are Best for US Players

The Bitcoin casino list presented on this page is not exhaustive. Nonetheless, we prefer quality over quantity and are confident in these websites, which is unfortunately not the case for many Bitcoin casinos that were left out of our list.

When selecting the best Bitcoin casinos in USA, we focused on the following criteria:

  • Accessibility – Not every Bitcoin casino is available in the USA, but the ones on our list are.
  • Security and reputation – Security is an equally important criterion. For our ranking of the best Bitcoin casinos USA, we have selected only reliable operators that enjoy a high reputation among players.
  • Game selection – Since crypto gambling is a very specific area, some Bitcoin casinos may lack the ability to offer a full range of games. However, we are aware of how important it is for players to access a variety of games.
  • Payment methods – Bitcoin casinos typically accept more than just Bitcoin. With our platform, you can easily find an online casino that accepts the cryptocurrency you hold in your wallet.
  • User interface and mobile Bitcoin casinos – All Bitcoin casinos listed on our website have user-friendly interfaces with a special focus on the mobile experience.
  • Customer support – The best Bitcoin casinos in USA provide 24/7 customer support, meaning you can quickly resolve any issue, whether it relates to cryptocurrencies in general or interactions with the casino directly.

These are the basic requirements that any trusted USA Bitcoin casino should meet. However, players may have individual preferences regarding Bitcoin casinos, such as anonymity or regular bonuses. Check out our list of the best Bitcoin casinos in the US to find a gambling website that matches your individual standards.

How to Get Started at USA Bitcoin Casinos 

If you have never played at a Bitcoin casino before, you probably think it’s way more complicated than at a regular online casino. Well, it isn’t! Here’s a glimpse of what it takes to join one of the best Bitcoin casinos in USA. The process is similar for most sites, while the differences are mostly related to their interfaces. 

  1. Create a US Bitcoin casino account. To this end, you need to find the Sign-Up or Register button on the casino’s main page. Fill in the required fields. You will normally only need to provide your email address, password, and date of birth.
  2. Confirm the email address. Some of the best Bitcoin casinos in US allow anonymous gambling and do not request personal data or IDs. An email address is all you have to verify, as it is required to access your account and receive support.
  3. Make a deposit. That’s it, your account is ready. All that’s left to do is make your first deposit. For this, find the Wallet or Deposit section on the main page, and then select the cryptocurrency you need. Use the deposit address shown on the screen to send a transaction.
  4. Once the deposit reaches the casino, you can start playing. 

Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal in USA?

The short answer is yes. The U.S. is known for its harsh laws banning real-money online gambling in most of the country. However, there is currently no law in the U.S. that would prohibit crypto gambling. And since U.S. authorities do not recognize cryptocurrencies as money, they are not subject to the same laws.

One needs to understand that most Bitcoin casinos available in USA are offshore companies not regulated by American laws. To put it another way, you will not be as protected when playing at such casinos as you would be if you were playing at a US-based online casino. That’s why it’s critical to opt for trusted Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin Casinos vs Traditional Casinos in the USA

The USA casino industry is unique, as there are plenty of gambling activities going on in the real world, while online casinos are almost entirely off-limits. Let’s take a look at the advantages Bitcoin casinos in the USA possess compared to their traditional counterparts.

  • Play at home. To play at Bitcoin casinos, you do not have to go anywhere. The best games are always at your fingertips. Mobile USA Bitcoin casinos are particularly convenient in this regard.
  • Anonymity. Many players would rather not disclose their hobbies, and this is understandable. The best Bitcoin casinos in the USA do not require KYC, thus allowing you to remain anonymous.
  • Fast transactions and low fees. Most Bitcoin casino transactions occur in a matter of minutes, which is an important advantage over regular online casinos. Fees usually do not exceed a single dollar, and withdrawals in most cases are processed without any charges for players at all.
  • Bonuses. You can benefit from the variety of bonuses offered by the best Bitcoin casinos in the United States. Deposit bonuses, cashback, free spins, loyalty rewards, and more – take whatever you prefer.
  • Games. No land-based casino offers as many games as the best USA Bitcoin casinos. You have access to thousands of slots, table games, and game shows, many of which can’t possibly be replicated in the real world. It only takes a couple of clicks to jump from one game to the next.

As you can see, Bitcoin casinos do have substantial advantages over real-world casinos and other types of online casinos, while the disadvantages are virtually non-existent.

What Games Do Best Bitcoin Casinos USA Offer?

The best Bitcoin casinos offer US players a range of games, including games from land-based casinos such as roulette and poker, as well as more advanced titles, including video slots and live game shows.

USA Online Bitcoin Slots

Slots are among the most popular game types for USA players. Sure enough, they are also available at online Bitcoin casinos. In fact, slots are the centerpiece of any US Bitcoin casino’s collection. Their number is measured in thousands, and the scope of available features is absolutely astounding. Moreover, it is the Bitcoin slots that provide the opportunity to win colossal amounts you never see in any other game.

USA Online Bitcoin Table Games

There is also a huge demand for classic casino games at crypto gambling websites in the United States. For example, lots of players enjoy such iconic games as blackjack, poker, and baccarat. Although they have fixed payouts that are generally much lower than in slots, the hit ratio in these games is more stable, allowing players to enjoy them at higher stakes.

USA Online Bitcoin Live Games

Live games are the same table games, but they involve a live dealer, which makes all the difference. Playing these games is much more fun, because their gameplay closely resembles what you would expect to see in a real-world casino. This category also includes live game shows that are unique to online casinos and are also available at Bitcoin casinos in the USA.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses for US Players

To be sure, players from the US are free to use all the bonuses offered by Bitcoin casinos. Normally, Bitcoin casinos do not limit bonuses to US players if these players are generally accepted on their websites. 

The best Bitcoin casino USA bonuses include:

  • Welcome Bonus;
  • Deposit Bonus;
  • No Deposit Bonus;
  • Free Spins;
  • Loyalty Bonus;
  • VIP Bonus.

Additionally, Bitcoin casinos run all sorts of periodic promotions, such as races and tournaments with even more prizes for active players. You can find out all the relevant information on the casino bonus page or by contacting support.

Mobile USA Bitcoin Casinos

A distinct advantage of the best Bitcoin casinos in USA is the fact that they are fully compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. You don’t even have to download a standalone USA Bitcoin casino app. Simply navigate to your favorite crypto casino website from a mobile browser to access the full suite of features. This is a significant plus to the accessibility of Bitcoin casinos, making crypto gambling truly inclusive.

USA Bitcoin Casino Security

As we have already mentioned, Bitcoin casinos are not regulated by federal law, which imposes additional requirements for choosing websites to play at.

Overall, the best USA Bitcoin casinos are completely safe for players. Such casinos value their reputation and may be regulated by the laws of any other country, which is an extra guarantee for players.

Apart from that, Bitcoin casinos implement additional security measures to ensure the safety of players and their funds. For example, they may use cold wallets to store customer assets that are not permanently connected to the Internet and thus completely hack-proof. Bitcoin casino websites have SSL encryption in place that prevents data interception. To make your account even more secure, you may use two-factor authentication and other tools provided by the casino.

However, all of that applies only to verified US Bitcoin casinos. Beware of rogue operators, as there are plenty of them. The best way to validate the trustworthiness of a Bitcoin casino is to rely on reviews like ours or research feedback from other players online.

Best USA Bitcoin Casinos FAQ

Are Bitcoin casinos banned in the US?
No, there is no law in the US that would prohibit players from participating in Bitcoin casino games. On the other hand, online casinos based on traditional currencies are indeed banned in most of the country.

Are Bitcoin casino winnings taxable in the US?
Cryptocurrency is considered property in the United States and is subject to capital gains tax. Since crypto gambling is not officially recognized in the US, there is no specific guidance on Bitcoin casino winnings. For more information, please contact your tax professional.

What is the best Bitcoin casino in the United States?
There are many excellent Bitcoin casinos available to US players. You can safely pick any from our list based on your own preferences.

How do I make a deposit to a Bitcoin casino USA?
You first need to buy cryptocurrency on an exchange, and then transfer it to your individual Bitcoin casino deposit address.

Do I have to submit any documents to play at USA Bitcoin casinos?
In most cases, you are not supposed to send any documents. We provide all the relevant information about KYC procedures in our reviews, so you’ll know what to be prepared for.

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