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Originally invented in 1983, the game of Plinko has become especially popular in recent years with the advent of Bitcoin casinos. Players enjoy watching the balls rapidly roll down the pyramid-shaped game board with a chance to multiply their bet hundreds of times. Today, the best Bitcoin casinos offer players different variations of Plinko with unique gameplay features and numerous additional benefits.

What is a Bitcoin Plinko Casino?

Plinko is a variation of the popular Japanese Pachinko slot machine. Plinko is played on a pyramid-shaped game board with balls falling into the pockets in its bottom. The farther the pocket is from the center, the higher the multiplier. In most versions of Plinko, the minimum multiplier is 0.2x, while the maximum is 1000x.

A Bitcoin Plinko Casino is an online casino that offers players a game of Plinko and uses Bitcoin for settlement. Additionally, some of these casinos have unique versions of Plinko to suit the riskiest players with maximum payouts increased up to 10,000x.

Top 5 Bitcoin Plinko Casinos List

The number of Bitcoin casinos offering Plinko has increased sharply over the last few years. This makes players wonder which casinos they can trust and which of them offer the best terms for gambling.

Below are reviews of the five best online casinos to play Plinko with Bitcoin in 2023. In each review, we specify the features that explain why players should choose these particular casinos. That said, all of these casinos enjoy the highest reputation and have individual advantages that make them superior to their peers in certain areas.

  • LTC Casino – Best Anonymous Bitcoin Plinko Casino
  • Stake – Expansive Collection of Provably Fair Games, Including Bitcoin Plinko
  • Duelbits – Plinko with 10kx Multipliers
  • Rollbit – Best Plinko Odds
  • Bitcasino – Five Variations of Plinko

LTC Casino

LTC Casino offers two versions of Plinko from BGaming: Plinko and Plinko XY. Both games are based on classic rules and have a high RTP of 99%. Choose either of them depending on which game’s visuals you like best.

LTC Casino has a great advantage over other casinos as it enables fully anonymous gambling. You do not have to provide personal information and documents to play or withdraw your winnings. With that, cashouts are instant, and you can play from anywhere in the world without restrictions.

Plinko from BGaming at LTC Casino Screenshot

Plinko from BGaming at LTC Casino


Plinko fans will almost certainly enjoy other provably fair games too. Stake casino offers a collection of about 20 original provably fair games that includes Dice, Limbo, Crash, and, of course, Plinko. It’s a standard version of Plinko with three risk settings and 8-16 rows.

If you play at Stake, be sure to try other games from the Stake Originals series.

Plinko Original at Stake Screenshot

Plinko Original at Stake


The standard versions of Plinko come with multipliers up to 1000x, which is sufficient for most players. But not for you? In that case, try Plinko at Duelbits. Their Plinko has additional risk levels, such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The last of them is the most extreme and gives you an unprecedented opportunity to win up to 10,000x of your bet.

Plinko Original at Duelbits Screenshot

Plinko Original at Duelbits


In the examples above, the RTP of all Plinko games is 99%. This is an incredibly high value, making Plinko one of the most profitable games for a player at online casinos in general. But can it be even higher? It can! At Rollbit, you’ll meet Plinko with a mind-blowing RTP of 99.60%. A little more, and the game would be destructive for the casino itself.

Plinko Original at Rollbit Screenshot

Plinko Original at Rollbit


Bitcasino gives players the opportunity to enjoy multiple variations of Plinko within one platform. On top of the aforementioned games from BGaming, this number includes Plinko from Spribe, SmartSoft, and Turbo Games. In the latter, you have the ability to launch up to 10 balls in a single click, while Plinko by Spribe is best suited for playing at multiple risk levels simultaneously.

Turbo Plinko from Turbo Games at Bitcasino Screenshot

Turbo Plinko from Turbo Games at Bitcasino

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Plinko Casino

What properties should a good Bitcoin Plinko casino have that would distinguish it from a mediocre one? Let’s find out.


Certainly, Bitcoin Plinko casino must be safe and have verified positive player reviews. If players can’t trust the site, that immediately eliminates it from the list of options to consider.

Fast Withdrawals

Most online casinos have no problems with deposits, but the same cannot be said about payouts. It is important that the Bitcoin Plinko casino processes payouts quickly, or even better, instantly.

Provably Fair Plinko

If the casino claims their Plinko is based on provably fair algorithms, it should be the case. The likelihood of cheating goes to zero when you play at a trustworthy Bitcoin Plinko casino.


Almost all Bitcoin Plinko casinos offer bonuses to their players. Make sure that these bonuses have favorable conditions and will not hinder the withdrawal of your winnings.


Customer support should be available on a 24-hour basis. You may not need support at the time of registration. However, if you have questions later on, you should be able to resolve them quickly.

Selection of Games and Cryptocurrencies

At most Bitcoin Plinko casinos, the choice of games is not limited to Plinko. Likewise, the selection of cryptocurrencies is not limited to Bitcoin. Preferably, the casino should support multiple cryptocurrencies for deposits and offer an extensive collection of games.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Plinko Casinos

Bitcoin Plinko casinos provide players with a number of benefits, which is the reason for their popularity compared to traditional online casinos. At the same time, they have some drawbacks.


  • Faster deposits and withdrawals;
  • Lower fees;
  • More beneficial and diverse bonuses;
  • Higher RTP;
  • Increased anonymity;
  • No banks or other intermediaries;
  • Provably fair.


  • Volatile Bitcoin exchange rate;
  • Non-standard payment method.

Another important point is that Plinko is a must for any Bitcoin casino, but you can barely see it in traditional online casinos. In this sense, crypto casinos and Bitcoin Plinko casinos are de facto synonyms.

Bitcoin Plinko Casino Bonuses

A full range of bonuses awaits you at Bitcoin Plinko casinos. These bonuses may differ in the type of reward, conditions, and the group of players they are designed for.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus allows you to get additional funds for making a deposit. It usually ranges from 50% to 150% but can be higher. Deposit bonuses are further divided into a welcome bonus (for new players) and a reload bonus (for existing players).

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus does not require a deposit. Sometimes, it may also be available for new players. However, such offers are harder to find, and there are usually serious restrictions applied to them. No deposit bonuses credited as part of a loyalty program are typically much more advantageous. Such bonuses may be larger in size and have no wagering requirements or restrictions on withdrawal amounts.

Free Spins

Free spins are normally awarded for slots, but you can use the winnings for betting in Plinko if the casino terms do not forbid that. The requirements for getting free spins may vary –  from making a deposit to participating in a tournament.


Some casinos offer cashback – bonus funds credited to your account if you lose. No one likes to lose, but in the case of Plinko, cashback provides a real opportunity to skew the odds in your favor. Plinko has a high RTP, plus you get extra insurance against losing. As a result, you have a rare opportunity to beat the casino, at least statistically. A great example of a Bitcoin Plinko casino with a cashback promotions is Bitcasino reviewed as one of the examples above.

How to Get Started at a Bitcoin Plinko Casino

Plinko is extremely easy to play, which is one of its main selling points. Just place a bet and watch the balls roll into the holes.

Let’s review the process of playing Plinko from A to Z.

  1. Choose a reliable Bitcoin Plinko casino. Any from the list on this page will do.
  2. Sign up and make a deposit.
  3. Find Plinko in the casino lobby or enter the game name in the search bar.
  4. Set the basic game settings: bet size, risk level, and the number of rows.
  5. Place bets manually or activate the autoplay mode.
  6. If you are lucky and win, withdraw your winnings from the Bitcoin Plinko casino to your crypto wallet.

Bitcoin Plinko Strategies

Understanding how the game works may be insufficient for an optimal approach. It is also essential to know Bitcoin Plinko strategies that will increase your odds and help you get the most out of the game.

Select the Optimal Risk Level

Plinko is all about risk management. In most versions, there are three risk levels: low, medium, and high. The lower the risk level, the more evenly the multipliers will be distributed among the pockets, and vice versa.

Furthermore, the number of rows also affects the risk level. The fewer rows you choose, the more stable the results will be. If you choose more rows, you’ll have a chance to hit a bigger multiplier, but you’ll be less likely to get a decent multiplier overall.

Therefore, Plinko allows you to flexibly adjust the risk settings according to your preferences. At high risk and the maximum number of rows, the risk will be the highest, and at low risk with the minimum number of rows – the lowest. Try different combinations to choose the one that works best for you.

Manage Your Bankroll

Select the bet size with the risk level and the size of your bankroll in mind. The higher the risk, the lower the bet size relative to your bankroll should be, and vice versa.

Bankroll management should also be considered in a broader sense. In other words, you shouldn’t put into the game more than you can afford to lose.

Choose Plinko with High RTP

Plinko is one of the most profitable casino games for the player. However, some casinos may deliberately reduce the RTP, thus depriving Plinko of one of its main advantages. An RTP of 99% is considered to be a good value for Plinko.

Bitcoin Plinko Casinos FAQ

What is the best Bitcoin casino to play Plinko online?
The best Bitcoin casino to play Plinko is the one that fits your personal requirements. On this page, we have looked at different Bitcoin Plinko casinos and their features, so any player will be able to find the right one for themselves.

Are Bitcoin Plinko casinos safe?
Provably fair algorithms ensure the safety of Plinko games. The second element of safety is the reputation of the Bitcoin casino itself. It should be high and confirmed by reviews of players online.

What does provably fair mean?
Provably fair algorithms used in Plinko allow players to independently verify the absence of interference by the casino. These algorithms are based on cryptography similar to that used in Bitcoin and therefore protected against cracking.

Can I play Plinko for free?
Yes, many Bitcoin casinos allow you to play Plinko for free. Simply activate the fun mode or set the betting value to 0.

Can I play Plinko on mobile?
Yes, all Bitcoin casinos in our review offer full support for playing Plinko on mobile.

What is the minimum bet in Plinko for Bitcoin?
The minimum bet in most traditional versions of Plinko is $0.10. When playing for Bitcoin, the minimum bet may be as low as 0.0000001 BTC, literally a fraction of a cent.

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