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Most Bitcoin casinos are far superior to their traditional counterparts in terms of game fairness, payment speed, and customer support. However, some crypto casinos do not meet players’ expectations or may be outright fraudulent. We have put together a blacklist of Bitcoin casinos to help you avoid such operators.

Players looking for trusted crypto gambling websites in 2023 should refer to our list of the best Bitcoin casinos. Since we strive to remain unbiased, we may add new crypto casinos to the blacklist or exclude existing ones if we see that the operator has introduced the necessary improvements to address the concerns.

Crypto Casinos Blacklist

The untrustworthy Bitcoin casinos on our blacklist have been found to be dishonest to players in one way or another. Bitcoin casinos that systematically infringe on players’ interests or have committed a serious offense at least once are added to our list, so players are aware of the danger.

Casinos with practices that we consider negative, but not critical to players, may be removed from the list, provided they rectify the problems. On the other hand, scam Bitcoin casinos that commit grave violations, such as fraud, remain permanently on our blacklist with no removal option.

Casino NameReason for Blacklisting
PlayamoPayment Problems
1xBetPayment Problems
1xBit1xBet Group
22Bet1xBet Group
BetWinner1xBet Group
MelBet1xBet Group
888 Starz1xBet Group
BSpinPredatory Terms
1WinPayment Problems

Why Are Some Bitcoin Casinos Blacklisted?

There may be various reasons for adding a Bitcoin casino to our blacklist, but we only do that when we’re sure you shouldn’t play there. Our expert team knows how to tell the difference between legit Bitcoin casinos and scam Bitcoin casinos and will be glad to share this information with you.

Below are the most common reasons why Bitcoin casinos may be placed onto the blacklist:

  • Restrictive Payouts
  • Fake Software
  • Bogus Promotions
  • Predatory Terms
  • Unwanted Advertising
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Other Suspicious Activities

A common reason for blacklisting a scam Bitcoin casino is restrictive payouts. In the most severe cases, casinos refuse to pay winnings to players with no grounds whatsoever. However, more often, we see dubious crypto casinos that pay out winnings, but do that after prolonged delays, which also goes against our standards.

Many casinos blacklisted for this reason are unwilling to pay out large amounts to players and do everything to avoid that. Such casinos will invent all kinds of reasons to postpone the withdrawal in the hope that the player will become impatient and lose the money they won. Some Bitcoin casinos go as far as accusing players of cheating and confiscating winnings on this basis. This practice is especially common for winnings with bonus funds. That’s why fraudulent Bitcoin casinos are so generous in their bonus offers, since they know they simply won’t pay if the player wins big.

Bonuses are another frequent reason for the inclusion of Bitcoin casinos into the blacklist. Some casinos pay out winnings more or less satisfactorily if customers play with their own money. However, when it comes to bonuses, the terms may be so unfavorable that they almost completely eliminate the possibility of winning. These can be both too high wagering requirements and hidden conditions, breaking which will lead to confiscation of winnings.

Furthermore, Bitcoin casinos may have some other unfavorable conditions for players, providing grounds for blacklisting them. This, for example, includes excessively low withdrawal limits. One way or another, we recommend avoiding Bitcoin casinos from the blacklist, the more so having such a wide selection of outstanding crypto casinos where you won’t face any of the disadvantages described above.

How to Detect a Scam Bitcoin Casino

Before you start playing at any Bitcoin casino, you have to make sure it is reliable.

  • Feedback from players on the web is a good way to do so. Players may not leave reviews if their experience with the casino is positive, but most often they write complaints when they encounter problems.
  • Additionally, it is important to check whether the Bitcoin casino provides official games from certified developers. The availability of provably fair games is an extra plus.
  • Unfortunately, in the case of Bitcoin casinos, the presence or absence of a license does not allow one to make unequivocal conclusions. There are good Bitcoin casinos that operate without a license to offer their players the added benefit of anonymity. That said, most of the existing licenses for online casinos do not regulate crypto games and therefore do not provide any additional guarantees to players.
  • On the other hand, if a Bitcoin casino spams players with bonuses that are too good to be true, does not react to user complaints, and has unresponsive customer support, all of these are reasons to think twice before registering and making a deposit.
  • Some fraudulent Bitcoin casinos shut down with time when their negative reputation reaches a critical mass, preventing them from scamming new players. However, they can then open under other names, so you should be especially vigilant about new Bitcoin casinos.

In general, the best way to find legitimate Bitcoin casinos and identify rogue crypto casinos is to rely on sites like ours. Our experts invest their time and money to pick the best Bitcoin casinos for you and keep you away from fraudulent Bitcoin casinos. Take the advantage of it!

Find the Best Bitcoin Casino Online

Now you know which Bitcoin casinos to avoid. But which ones are worth playing at? Finding a legit Bitcoin casino is not hard at all. On our website, you will find dozens of reviews of proven Bitcoin casinos, where we describe their main features and advantages in detail. Pick one according to your preferences, which may include the availability of bonuses, withdrawal limits, the possibility of anonymous gambling, and so on. We are confident that your experience with these casinos will be excellent, and if you’re lucky enough to win, you won’t have any problems withdrawing your winnings.

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Bitcoin Casino Blacklist FAQ

Why are these Bitcoin casinos blacklisted?
A blacklisted Bitcoin casino is a crypto gambling website that does not meet the established standards of the online gambling industry. Such casinos may demonstrate all sorts of drawbacks, from unfavorable bonus terms to groundless cancellation of winnings. Either way, gambling at such casinos puts your money at enormous risk and is unlikely to be enjoyable.

I joined a scam Bitcoin casino. What can I do?
If you find yourself playing at one of our blacklisted casinos, we recommend you withdraw all your money right away. Keep in mind that the more you win, the more likely you are to run into unfair casino practices. Thanks to Bitcoin, you can transfer money to any legit Bitcoin casino bypassing intermediate wallets. After that, you should never make new deposits to a scam Bitcoin casino and permanently close your account.

How can I distinguish a scam Bitcoin casino from a legitimate one?
Detecting a scam Bitcoin casino can be almost impossible for an unprepared player. Such casinos do their best to look legit. That’s why you should rely on Bitcoin casino blacklists like ours. They are compiled by experts relying on their own experience and the experience of many other players.

If a Bitcoin casino is not on your blacklist, can it be deemed reliable?
Not necessarily. There are dozens of Bitcoin casinos operating online. If we come across a fraudulent Bitcoin casino, we will definitely add it to the blacklist. But it is not entirely possible that a Bitcoin casino that was honest yesterday will not start defrauding players today. On the other hand, you can rest assured that the sites from our list of the best Bitcoin casinos are still fully reliable at the moment when you see them here.

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