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Playamo is notorious as a highly untrustworthy online casino, foremost due to its withdrawal-associated issues. This is confirmed by numerous negative player reviews you can easily find on the Internet.

We do not recommend playing at Playamo unless you wish to fight for your funds and join the ranks of players who had extremely negative experiences with this casino.

Why Playamo Is a Scam Casino

Playamo inspires confidence in the eyes of players due to its license. Many of them do not expect to be scammed at a licensed casino. However, the Curaçao license held by Playamo is considered one of the weakest in the gambling industry. Playamo is a prime example of all the wrongdoings you may come across at a Curaçao-licensed casino that does not care about its reputation.

Some of the reasons why Playamo is considered a fraudulent casino include:

  • Withdrawal delays;
  • Confiscation of funds;
  • Bogus promotions;
  • Unethical behavior;
  • Predatory terms and conditions.

Let’s see what players say about Playamo.

Playamo Casino Complaints

Playamo has a rating of 2.0 on Trustpilot, which speaks for itself. 70% of the users who have rated this casino gave it a 1-star rating.

Most negative reviews against Playamo have about the same content. Players play, get bonuses, and win. Problems begin when they try to withdraw their winnings.

Multiple users claim to have encountered significant delays at the withdrawal stage, up to several days or even weeks. In many instances, the operator stated that applications were in the queue for approval. At this point, most readers might think that the casino is insolvent. However, there is another, more viable explanation.

Payment delays are a common practice for dubious casinos that expect players to lose money before the withdrawal request is approved. And in most cases, this is exactly what happens. The more you win, the longer will be the delay. 

Also, some players say their accounts at Playamo were blocked without a valid reason. For example, one player reported that the casino accused them of having multiple accounts and confiscated 600 AUD on this basis. And naturally, Playamo needs no evidence to do so. 

Another Playamo player had a six-figure amount confiscated, and the casino again stated that they had multiple accounts. But the problem is the player managed to prove that the email address that Playamo claimed was used to register the duplicate account did not exist on the day the account was registered. Still, this did not help the player to get the money.

One should understand that if this happens to other players, it could very well happen to you. And there is nothing you can do except file a complaint with Trustpilot, which will not change anything at all.

Playamo’s unfair practices have been known for a long time. However, in one of the recent reviews, a user stated that they had been a loyal Playamo player but had also faced multi-day payment delays lately. Indeed, if you lose steadily and only occasionally withdraw a small portion of the money deposited, the casino will be interested in retaining you as a player and provide you with the best possible conditions. However, this customers’s review shows that the environment at Playamo is rapidly deteriorating even for such players.

Playamo Casino Withdrawal Times

Curiously enough, Playamo states that it strives to process withdrawal requests in the shortest possible time, namely within two hours. However, in practice, this is not the case. 

If the casino decides to delay the payment, it will find a hundred reasons to do so. They will tell you there are problems with the payment system, the responsible employee is not available at this time, and so on. 

There have been numerous cases when Playamo delayed withdrawals, citing issues with payment systems. At the same time, other casinos on the same platform were promptly processing payouts using the very same payment system. And players are absolutely powerless in these situations – there is no point in trying to prove anything.

Playamo Casino Verification

Verification is another excuse Playamo uses to withhold players’ money. Verification is a standard procedure at most online casinos, which is dictated by the provisions of their licenses. Usually, it doesn’t take much time and only requires you to provide an ID and proof of address. But not in the case of Playamo.

Playamo routinely rejects documents, citing their poor quality as a reason, even though the same documents are fine for other casinos. Also, be prepared to provide more and more documents, some of which hardly have anything to do with your activities at the casino. However, even if you send them all the documents they want, they may still lock your account under any convenient pretext.

Playamo Casino Bonus Terms

You might be interested in Playamo’s bonus offerings that include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, free spins, and so on. In terms of the bonus selection, Playamo is not inferior to most other online casinos. Their rules contain a few provisions that allow them to confiscate winnings acquired from bonuses at their sole discretion. Such provisions can also be found at many other online casinos, but hardly any of them use their rights so brazenly. 

In one of the cases, a player who received the commonly available 50% Friday reload bonus was unable to withdraw their winnings of €1,500. Responding to the player’s complaint, a representative of Playamo stated the player had claimed bonuses on all of their deposits, and that was the ultimate reason to cancel the winnings. 

Apparently, the representative of Playamo sees nothing wrong with this statement. When you play at an online casino, you don’t expect them to offer you bonuses that you are not eligible for. And here we are dealing with outright fraud, but not on the part of the player, as claims Playamo, which provided them with a bonus and then used it as a reason to confiscate their winnings.

In addition, Playamo bonuses have high wagering requirements. But even if you manage to fulfil them, your balance may still be confiscated.

Playamo Casino Conclusion – Can Playamo Be Trusted in 2023?

The example above is a clear illustration of Playamo’s attitude to its players. You won’t face any troubles as long as you lose. However, once Playamo decides that paying you does not justify the potential profit, they will easily find a way not to pay and try to portray you as a fraudster. Unfortunately, not all players check Playamo’s reputation before making a deposit, so the number of unresolved complaints is growing with each passing day. 

Luckily, you don’t have to repeat their mistakes. Just consider one of the verified crypto casinos from the list on this page. In contrast to Playamo, these casinos enjoy a high reputation among players and provide quick withdrawals alongside a number of additional benefits.