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AskGamblers is an online platform that provides reviews and ratings of online casinos, as well as a forum for players to discuss their experiences and share tips. It also offers a complaints service to help players solve problems with casinos.

In recent years, AskGamblers has noticeably lost ground to truly unbiased and objective casino review sites. Fortunately, more and more players realize that AskGamblers’ stated goals have nothing to do with its actual activities. Sadly, for some of them, this experience came only through a financial loss.

  • Established: 2006
  • Casinos Reviewed: 1000+
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Why AskGamblers Cannot Be Trusted

You can hardly find a more cynical casino review site than AskGamblers. ‘Unbiased Online Casino Reviews. ‘Get the Truth. Then Play’. Such statements can be seen everywhere on the AskGamblers website, but all of these are nothing more than empty words.

‘Their system is set up for the casinos they promote,’ noted a player, and we couldn’t agree more.

  • If you read reviews about AskGamblers outside the platform, you might be surprised at how similar the experience has been for many players. It is standard practice for AskGamblers to remove negative comments from casino reviews where they don’t want to see them. At the same time, identical positive reviews for dubious casinos are perfectly preserved on the site.

  • The AskGamblers forum is no better. A group of admins and old-timers recommends the worst casinos possible to newcomers. Any attempt to set the record straight results in attacks on those who express an opposing point of view. Too enthusiastic opponents of these malicious recommendations are soon to be banned. This could never happen without the active involvement of the AskGamblers management.

  • Each year, AskGamblers chooses a variety of casinos as the best in various categories, such as Best New Casino or Player’s Choice Casino. Some Curacao licensed casinos have adopted a clever marketing strategy, offering 20 no-deposit free spins to customers who register on AskGamblers, vote for their casino, and submit a screenshot of their successful vote via email or live chat. These free spins promotions are then shared on major international gambling forums, resulting in some of these casinos winning awards for their services. However, this approach could be considered as buying votes in exchange for free spins, which we see as unethical.
  • In addition, some users claim to have received spam from third-party casinos to email addresses they haven’t used anywhere else but at AskGamblers. Thus, in order to get on a spam list, it’s enough to sign up with AskGamblers.
  • And probably the most serious problem. Some of the casinos blacklisted by AskGamblers got there only because they questioned the site’s rating methodology. That’s anything but acting in the best interest of players. In addition, according to Bryan Bailey, the founder of Casinomeister, casinos were told by AskGamblers to pay money not to get blacklisted. Blackmail. Yes, that’s the word. Given Bryan’s reputation, we are much more inclined to trust him than AskGamblers.

AskGamblers Casino Rating Methodology

AskGamblers employs a CasinoRank system to rate online casinos. Supposedly, it takes into account all aspects of an online casino and constantly updates its rating accordingly.

To generate a score, CasinoRank evaluates numerous criteria, such as the range of payment options available, payout speed, KYC processing time, history with AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service (AGCCS), customer feedback, quality and responsiveness of customer service, game and provider selection, licensing, website design, and more.

CasinoRank operates by assessing various elements of an online casino and assigning scores based on the following factors: Casino Details (50%), AGCCS History (25%), Player Reviews (15%), and Design Details (10%).

  • Casino Details consist of technical parameters of an online casino, such as withdrawal and pending timeframes, payment methods, withdrawal limits, channels and availability of customer support, and software provider variety.
  • AGCCS History takes into account an online casino’s track record with the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service, including the ratio of filed complaints against the number of pending and resolved complaints.
  • Player Reviews comprise online casino reviews written by members of the AskGamblers community.
  • Finally, Design Details encompass a range of design-related aspects, including website responsiveness, user-friendliness, and ease of navigation.

Perhaps, CasinoRank would be an excellent online casino rating system if AskGamblers actually used it.

AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service

If there’s one good thing about AskGamblers, it’s their online casino complaint service. You may need it in case you neglected our recommendations on choosing a trusted online casino review site. According to the statistics published on the AskGamblers website, they have helped resolve over 20,000 complaints against online casinos and recover over $50 million in wrongfully withheld funds over time.

How AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Works

The AskGamblers Online Casino complaint process follows a standard procedure for resolving complaints. Here is an overview of how your complaint will be handled.

Step 1: Investigation

Once you submit your complaint, they will begin an investigation and respond to you within two working days. They may need additional information from you to fully understand the issue.

Step 2: Contacting the casino

The dispute resolution team will then reach out to the casino on your behalf. If the casino does not respond, they promise to explore other options to resolve your complaint.

Step 3: Resolving the issue

They will work with you and the casino to find a satisfactory resolution to your complaint.

To help you keep track of your complaint, AskGamblers has a notification system that allows you to monitor its status. Once the casino responds to the inquiry, they will notify you of the outcome and provide an opportunity for you to respond.

How to File a Complaint Against an Online Casino with AskGamblers

  1. To file a complaint against an online casino with AskGamblers, select ‘Complaints’ from the top menu and then ‘Submit a Complaint’.
  2. On the next screen, you will need to specify the nature of the problem, for example, ‘Delayed payment’.
  3. You will then be presented with possible ways to resolve the problem yourself.
  4. If none of them works for you, go ahead and fill out the complaint. You will need to specify the complaint title, choose a casino, and describe the problem in detail.

Once the complaint is submitted, it will be handled according to the process described above.

Conclusion – Can I Trust AskGamblers Casino Reviews and Ratings?

No way. This is one of the most biased and dishonest online casino review sites in existence. Besides, AskGamblers has been involved in multiple instances of unethical and malicious behavior. By registering through their links, you financially support them. Instead, check out one of the reputable online casino review sites that are truly committed to assisting players.