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Casinomeister is an online casino portal that provides reviews, news, and information related to online gambling. It was founded in 1998 and has become a respected and influential player advocacy site for the online gambling industry. Casinomeister also operates an accredited casino certification program and a forum where players can share their experiences and discuss topics related to gambling.

  • Established: 1998
  • Casinos Reviewed: 300+
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Casinomeister Main Page

Casinomeister Contacts

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Casinomeister Accredited Casinos

Casinomeister allows only accredited casinos to actively advertise their services on its platform. To be accredited, a casino must meet certain standards and criteria.

  • First, the casino must be player-oriented and act responsibly, meaning they must have measures in place to prevent underage gambling, have a history of treating their customers fairly, and be able to address any player concerns in a prompt and professional manner. They must also provide information about responsible gambling and ensure that spending limits and self-exclusion opportunities are met.
  • Marketing standards must be met, such as not using false or misleading advertising, taking action against affiliates or third parties who spam or produce deceptive advertising, and not texting or calling players without express permission.
  • Operational standards include providing Casinomeister with owner information, displaying clear promotion terms, and refusing to confiscate winnings for undefined reasons such as “irregular play” or “abuse of bonuses.” They must also pay progressive jackpot winnings in full or in reasonable installments.
  • Affiliate marketing standards require that proper credit be given to affiliates and that no retroactive terms be imposed without discussion.
  • Finally, safeguards for the industry and players include third-party software audits, an active representative on the Casinomeister forum, communication regarding any player or affiliate concerns, and licensing in a jurisdiction that provides gambling licenses for online casinos and enforces rules that protect players from fraudulent or unethical practices.
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Casinomeister Casino Reviews

Casinomeister Forum

The Casinomeister forum provides a platform for players to discuss and share their experiences playing at online casinos and other gambling-related activities. Members can post reviews of casinos they have played at, ask for advice and discuss strategies for playing various casino games.

The forum also has a complaints section where players can report problems they have with online casinos and try to solve them with the help of other members and the forum administration.

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Casinomeister Forum

Casinomeister Complaint Service

Casinomeister has long been a trusted resource for players experiencing online casino problems. In response to these problems, the site introduced the Pitch a Bitch (PAB) service in 2001, which now operates as Player’s ArBitration (PAB). This free, private, and discreet service serves as an arbitration tool for users experiencing issues with online casinos.

The PAB service is not a way to make casinos pay or a blackmail tool to make them capitulate. The service is designed to provide a platform for players and affiliates to have their complaints handled by the right person(s). The process is efficient and respected, and contacts range from direct supervisors to owners/operators, software providers, and representatives of licensing jurisdictions.

Casinomeister’s PAB service is not limited to specific software vendors, licensing jurisdictions, or casino groups, and can handle any complaint from anyone. If a casino fails to respond to player complaints, the results will be reported to the public and the casino may be reported in the casino warning section or, if necessary, it may be placed in the scam pit. Overall, Casinomeister’s PAB service provides a valuable resource for players experiencing problems with online casinos and helps hold the industry accountable for acceptable business practices.

You can file a complaint through the ticket system. In order to submit a complaint, a player should indicate their first name, last name, country, registered email at the casino, account name or user ID at the casino, the casino name, casino’s URL, as well as describe what has happened in detail.

Conclusion – Can I Trust Casino Reviews and Ratings from Casinomeister?

Yes, Casinomeister is one of the oldest and most trusted sites with casino reviews. Moreover, unlike some other established sites, Casinomeister stays true to its principles and adheres to strict standards when evaluating casinos. Despite all this, we recommend checking casinos on several trusted review sites to eliminate the possibility of biased evaluations.