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The POGG provides players with information about online casinos, casino games, and related topics. It was founded in 2011 by a group of experienced online casino players who wanted to create a platform for unbiased and reliable information about online gambling. The site offers reviews of online casinos and player dispute resolution services.

  • Established: 2011
  • Casinos Reviewed: 180+
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The POGG Main Page

The POGG Contacts

  • Website:
  • Emails:
  • Postal Address: PO Box 2089 Livingston EH54 0GF

The POGG Casino Rating Methodology

All casinos on The POGG site are divided into four categories:

  • Recommended
  • Needs Work
  • Not Recommended
  • Blacklisted

The category a casino falls into depends on several criteria, which are taken into account when calculating the final ranking as follows:

  • Trustworthiness – 30%
  • Payout Speed – 14%
  • Customer Service – 10%
  • Bonuses – 22%
  • Software – 14%
  • Licensing – 10%

As The POGG explains it, they have developed a straightforward approach to provide players with essential information about a casino’s safety and reliability. They use a comprehensive scoring system that combines all the scores from various areas of the review into a single score out of 10. The scoring system is calibrated to give greater weight to areas of the review that are more critical to the players’ safety. The POGG places particular emphasis on the Trustworthiness score, which they consider to be the most crucial factor in ensuring players’ security.

The POGG Casino Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

The POGG is the only approved online consumer dispute resolution service for gambling operators in multiple regulatory systems. Unlike the informal gambling community, which relies on the goodwill of operators to pay players, The POGG Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service operates under legally binding contracts that give them the authority to settle disputes with consumers in any regulatory system. Operators must abide by these rulings, and non-compliance can be taken to court and the appropriate regulatory authorities. The POGG’s formal approach to dispute resolution ensures players receive fair treatment and justice.

How to File a Casino Complaint with The POGG

To file a complaint against an online casino, you will first need to register on The POGG website.

After logging in, you can submit your complaint by going to the ‘Submit Complaint’ page. This page contains a form where you can provide details of the issue you experienced. The form includes various fields explained below:

  • Complaint Title: Provide a brief, descriptive title for your complaint.
  • Your Full Name: Enter your full name.
  • Your username at the gambling operator in question: Provide the username associated with your account at the gambling operator.
  • Your email at the gambling operator in question: Enter the email address you used to register your account at the gambling operator.
  • The funds being contested (including currency): Specify the amount of funds in dispute and the currency used.
  • Your country of residence: Indicate the country where you reside.
  • Description and Notes: Describe the issue you experienced in detail and include any relevant notes or additional information. This will help us understand your complaint better and provide you with a more effective resolution.

After you have submitted your complaint, an ADR official will review it within 1 to 5 days. If they require additional information, they will reach out to you. They may also decline your complaint if it is not appropriate or your claim is not valid.

Once your complaint is accepted and you have provided any additional information required, they will contact the operator to initiate an investigation. Your complaint file will only be accessible to you and the ADR official at this stage. The POGG will only publish your file when they have made a ruling, and even then, personal information will be redacted.

Updates on your complaint will be posted on your complaint thread. If you need to add information or respond to a message from The POGG, you can do so in your complaint file, which you can access by logging in and going to the ‘All Complaints’ page.

Since its inception, The POGG has helped resolve more than 6,000 complaints, allowing players to recover more than $7.5 million in improperly retained funds.

Conclusion – Can I Trust Casino Reviews and Ratings from The POGG?

Yes, The POGG is a trusted casino review service publishing credible online casino assessments. Among other things, The POGG offers a casino dispute resolution service, which has already helped players recover millions of dollars. Still, when choosing a casino, we recommend checking The POGG’s recommended operators on other trusted casino review sites.