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Adin Ross stands out as a top-tier streamer with unparalleled talent. Even though he began his Twitch journey in 2019, this American sensation has already amassed a following of approximately 5 million enthusiasts.

Initially launching his channel under the moniker Adin2Huncho, Ross’s primary focus was on video games such as NBA 2K and GTA5. Over time, he diversified his content to include slot machines and blackjack. Of late, Adin Ross has been diving deeper into the world of gambling streams, and he’s also been featured on Trainwreck‘s gambling broadcasts.

One distinctive feature that sets Adin apart is his iconic striped left eyebrow, which he achieved by shaving a section off. This unique look makes him easily recognizable amidst the vast sea of streamers.

Known for wearing his emotions proudly, Ross never shies away from speaking his mind. He often searches his name online during his streams and provides candid commentary on whatever is being discussed or written about him. His forthrightness is just one of the many qualities that has endeared him to his massive audience.

When and Where to Watch Adin Ross’ Gambling Streams

Adin Ross’s journey, originally under the pseudonym Adin2Huncho, started with his YouTube channel, which he initiated in 2015. Even today, he maintains loyalty to that channel. However, it appears that YouTube isn’t his primary choice for real-time interactions. Instead, he uses the platform mainly for uploading edited videos. For his live sessions, Adin Ross consistently chooses, where he broadcasts nearly every day.

Adin’s streaming schedule tends to be in the early hours of Central European Time (CET), often beginning around three, four, or five in the morning. While this isn’t the most convenient timing for his audience, the silver lining is that since he streams for extended periods, they can still catch up with his latest activities as they start their day.

Is Adin Ross Fake?

Adin Ross, in July 2021, candidly admitted to using what many label as “fake money” or fill money during his gambling sessions. Presently, his gambling activities are associated with Stake. Although Stake maintains confidentiality regarding its dealings, the nature of the previous revelation makes some suspicious about whether the circumstances have changed with this new platform. Like several prominent gambling streamers, Adin has struck a partnership with Stake, which implies he receives a certain amount from the casino each month.

Therefore, it is safe to suppose that Adin Ross still gambles with fake money, like most other major Stake streamers do.

Adin Ross’ Favorite Casinos

Adin Ross has certainly not been short of lucrative propositions from various entities within the gambling sector. One of the most prominent overtures came from Duelbits. However, as of now, he has shown unwavering allegiance to his preferred crypto casino, He continually updates his audience about his progress and experiences on the platform. It’s rumored that Adin occasionally indulges in games on other reputable casinos as well, such as:

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Adin Ross’ Favorite Casino Games

Adin Ross has showcased a diverse portfolio when it comes to online gaming. His preference for slot machines from renowned developers is evident, but he doesn’t limit himself to just these. He also delves into the world of alternative crypto mini-games. From time to time, he takes a moment to highlight these games, illustrating to his audience that significant wins aren’t just confined to traditional slots. A testament to this is his whopping $200,000 win from the game “Crash.”

Some of the online games that Adin Ross frequently streams live include:

  • Crash
  • Gates of Olympus
  • Floating Dragon
  • Sweet Bonanza
  • Dog House

Unlike some streamers who focus on a specific niche, Adin embraces the vast offerings of the casino. Live casino games are among his top choices, with a specific fondness for Blackjack and Roulette. He also engages with other live games such as Lightning Roulette and Baccarat.

In addition to casino games, Adin Ross is also an enthusiast for sports betting. He predominantly places wagers on NBA matches, underlining his varied interests in the world of gambling and entertainment.

Adin Ross’ Net Worth

The streamer’s net worth is believed to be in the millions of US dollars across multiple platforms. An inadvertent blunder on Adin Ross’s part provided a glimpse into his earnings through partnerships with online casinos.

During a particular live stream, Ross unexpectedly entered into a conversation with representatives from Duelbits Casino. His viewers watched the discussion unfold, wherein the officials expressed their dissatisfaction that he wasn’t streaming their games. The unintentional leak during the stream revealed Ross’s frustration over being offered $1.4 million per month, especially when Duelbits was not willing to cover additional expenses. In contrast, at Roobet, Ross claimed he not only earned a higher sum but also received compensation for referral costs.

Before his indefinite suspension from Twitch, Ross disclosed that he was receiving a staggering sum of approximately 1 million US dollars weekly from Stake casino.

An incident in early March is particularly telling. While streaming, Ross accessed Discord and unintentionally exposed a group chat with his liaisons at Stake. This chat not only detailed a comprehensive list of sponsorship tasks set for Ross but also showed his crypto wallet address. The contents of this chat made it apparent that he was consistently receiving payments of 335 Ethereum (equivalent to $995k at the time). Thus, Ross’s monthly earnings from Stake alone amounted to a jaw-dropping sum of nearly 4 million US dollars.

Adin Ross

Personal Information

  • Full Name: Adin Ross
  • Nicknames: adinross, Adin2Huncho
  • Date of Birth: October 11, 2000
  • Birthplace: USA
  • Casino Streamer Since: 2021
  • Net Worth: $40M+

Social Media Following

Interesting Facts

  • Adin Ross was permanently banned from Twitch for numerous violations of its terms and hate speech.
  • It was revealed that at one point, Adin Ross had been receiving almost 1 million US Dollars from Stake Casino on a weekly basis.

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