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TrainwrecksTV, a Canadian casino streamer of Iranian descent, kicked off his Twitch channel in 2014. He rose to prominence through his streams of Among Us, wherein he teamed up and played with numerous other well-known Twitch streamers. Initially, TrainwrecksTV carved out a name for himself with his outdoor IRL streams and showcased games like Halo, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty.

His unique personality and captivating gameplay drew a significant following on Twitch, which catapulted TrainwrecksTV’s Twitch subscriber count beyond the 1 million mark. This swiftly doubled when he started streaming casino games. Before his move to, his Twitch channel held the title of the #1 most-watched Slots channel, and also ranked as the #5 most-watched English channel on the platform.

TrainwrecksTV’s incredible luck during a high-stakes Plinko session

If you join one of TrainwrecksTV’s live casino streams, you’ll immediately see his propensity for high-stakes play. With wagers frequently surpassing $1,000 per spin, viewers are riveted by the thrill of the unfolding game. These days, he dedicates most of his streaming time to Stake Casino, primarily bankrolling his bets with Ethereum and Bitcoin. It’s rumored among industry experts that TrainwrecksTV benefits from exclusive VIP bonuses from Stake, which help to increase his likelihood of breaking even during his streaming sessions.

What Is TrainwrecksTV Primary Source of Income?

TrainwrecksTV’s income is generated from an array of channels, including social media, live streams, collaborations with brands, gambling, and sponsorships. Sponsorships make up a large portion of his income, and in recent years, he has received numerous sponsorships from gambling websites. His podcast is sponsored by CashApp, presenting another source of revenue for him.

At present, his primary income stream comes from a partnership with the online casino Stake, where he serves as the exclusive streamer. Besides, TrainwrecksTV is a co-founder of the platform. He, along with other casino streamers, has utilized this platform to air their gambling content since Twitch imposed restrictions on it in 2022.

How Much Money Did Trainwrecks Lose Gambling Online?

Trainwrecks took to active gambling in 2021, often occupying himself with slots during the pandemic-induced lockdown. His streams often spanned from 20 to 40 hours, with bets frequently exceeding the $1,000 mark. In multiple instances, the total amount wagered reached millions of dollars per stream.

By October 2021, Trainwrecks had staked a staggering $1 billion. In a claim he made in September 2022, he purported to have wagered $1.2 billion on a single game, Wanted Dead or a Wild. These gaming sessions saw him rake in millions, causing impressionable viewers to mistakenly believe he was turning a profit. Yet, Trainwrecks confessed that over the course of nine months, he had incurred losses totaling $22.9 million.

There were times when Trainwrecks suffered losses exceeding $10 million in a single stream. Youtuber Turkey Tom estimated that the losses Trainwrecks experienced implied he would need a hefty sum of $35 million to balance the scales.

Since these admissions, TrainwrecksTV’s losses have likely increased significantly. However, it remains a mystery how much of his personal fund’s Trainwrecks risks in his gambling exploits.

How Much Did TrainwrecksTV Make from Gambling?

Being a professional casino streamer, TrainwrecksTV manages to turn what would be a financial disaster for most into a lucrative opportunity to make money.

On October 19, 2022, while streaming a session of Overwatch 2 with his friends, Trainwrecks opted to provide transparency about his earnings from his sponsor, Stake Casino.

Trainwrecks made it clear that over 16 months, his gambling sponsorships had garnered him a total of $360 million. He made a humorous comment about his capacity to purchase other streamers such as Hasan, Poki, and Ludwig, not once but twice with his substantial earnings.

In a more serious light, he also indicated that he had redistributed a large portion of his earnings back to his community. Out of the massive $360 million, he had privately and publicly given away almost $70 million, or possibly even $75 million.

If you break down the earnings over the 16 months of Train’s gambling venture, it results in a monthly earning of $22.5 million or more than $30,821 per hour.

Remember that TrainwrecksTV is also a co-founder of, a streaming platform sponsored by Stake. While the exact terms of the deal were not made public, industry experts believe that it significantly bolstered TrainwrecksTV’s financial standing, potentially adding another $100 million to his wealth.

Does TrainwrecksTV Play with His Own Money?

When a viewer asked TrainwrecksTV if he earns a million a month on Stake, he said that he makes far more than the amount suggested by the viewer. He appeared to be confused and indicated that he mixes up what he earns and his existing assets for gambling.

He stressed that no one usually risks their own money in this manner, but Tyler Niknam claims to be “gambling raw”.

The term “gambling raw” is a reference to using one’s personal funds for gambling, contrasting with using a “balance” granted by a casino sponsor. TrainwrecksTV was implying that he combines the salary he gets from Stake and his personal funds for gambling.

While TrainwrecksTV is technically playing with his own money, the agreement between the streamer and the casino likely outlines these specific points. This ensures that TrainwrecksTV will receive compensation for any losses incurred, and Stake can be confident that the streamer will not win too much, even with the staggering bets involved.

TrainwrecksTV and

Following Twitch’s ban on gambling in October 2022, TrainwrecksTV revealed his plans to launch a new platform that would gather all casino streamers and offer them a space to continue their occupation. Now, is unquestionably the new digital residence of TrainwrecksTV. While his follower count may appear modest compared to other platforms, this is primarily because was launched late in 2022 and is still in its growth phase. His commitment to the burgeoning platform is reflected in his decision to serve not only as a streamer but also as a consultant for

Leveraging his streaming expertise, TrainwrecksTV aims to boost his own following and the overall traffic on As a leading figure in the streaming community, especially within casino streaming, he certainly brings substantial value to the platform.

TrainwrecksTV’s transition from Twitch to seems to stem from several factors. One main reason was Twitch’s ban on slots, online casinos, and similar content. However, as expressed in his statement, a significant part of his decision was influenced by his dissatisfaction with how Twitch treated him and other professional streamers. Particularly, Twitch’s announcement in late 2022 to retain a larger percentage of subscription revenues was perceived as an unfair move that largely favored the platform at the expense of streamers. TrainwrecksTV, on his part, has made a commitment that subscription revenue will exclusively belong to the streamers, and will never attempt to take a share of it.

Where and When Does TrainwrecksTV Stream?

Currently, TrainwrecksTV streams primarily on his account. However, his streaming schedule is not fixed, and he does not go live every day at consistent hours. When he does stream, his sessions tend to be extensive, occasionally lasting for 24 hours or even more.

Regrettably, TrainwrecksTV’s streaming frequency has noticeably reduced recently, possibly because of his increased focus on managing rather than streaming independently. Nonetheless, despite the shift in priorities, fans anticipate that TrainwrecksTV’s casino streams will bring more thrilling moments and new record online casino winnings.

TrainwrecksTV Favorite Casinos

After venturing into the realm of online gambling, TrainwrecksTV has dedicated his focus to a select few online casinos, primarily favoring crypto casinos that enable him to gamble with Bitcoin. Foremost among his choices is Stake Casino. Additionally, TrainwrecksTV occasionally streams from the following casinos:

Fully Anonymous
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100% Bonus up to $100
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Weekly Slot Race and Lottery

TrainwrecksTV Favorite Slots

When his schedule allows, TrainwrecksTV primarily engages with various themed slot machines that offer a diverse range of functions.

His streams often feature a handful of preferred games such as Razor Shark, Ankh of Anubis, Floating Dragon, Gates of Olympus, and Book of Shadows. Occasionally, he switches things up by participating in the live casino game, Crazy Time, although his expertise truly lies in streaming slots.

TrainwrecksTV showcases a distinct preference for crypto slots, a regular feature in his casino streams. He has a knack for picking games that present increased bonuses and the chance for a significant win. Although he experiments with an array of slot games, he frequently revisits these titles for their captivating bonus rounds. Tyler’s unique approach involves continually devising new strategies to score substantial wins.

A particular preference of TrainwrecksTV is volatile games, the ones that demand between 100 and 300 spins to unlock a slot machine’s bonus feature. These bonus rounds hold the potential for players to activate multipliers ranging from several hundred to thousands times their initial wager, making TrainwrecksTV’s streams truly fascinating.

TrainwrecksTV Biggest Wins

TrainwrecksTV set a precedent on the streaming platform when he walked away with a staggering $22.5 million during one of his streams. He bagged this colossal sum in just two free spins from a total of 15 on Pragmatic Play’s Might of Ra slot machine. It was a totally unexpected win, as his decision to take a chance on the ‘Might of Ra’ reel was influenced by the dwindling balance of $40,000, or 0.8 BTC, he had left.

Previously, TrainwrecksTV had secured a jackpot of $14 million while playing Wanted Dead or a Wild from Hacksaw Gaming. Upon seeing the perfect alignment of the expanding Wilds, he was so astounded that he leapt out of his chair in disbelief.

Back then, TrainwrecksTV fell just shy of hitting the maximum payout. Little did he know that fortune had a grand plan in store for him. Playing Dork Unit, another slot from Hacksaw, he managed to hit an immensely fortuitous combination of sticky Wild symbols complemented by substantial multipliers, leading to a remarkable max win of $15 million.

TrainwrecksTV Casino Streamer Conclusion

TrainwrecksTV is undoubtedly one of the most successful casino streamers. Watching Tyler Niknam is simply fascinating, even if it is one of his non-gambling streams. For online gambling enthusiasts, the thrilling high stakes and astonishing payouts are truly irresistible.

Apart from his outstanding talent as a casino streamer, TrainwrecksTV’s allure lies in his entrepreneurial drive, clearly demonstrated by his venture into establishing a platform that directly rivals Twitch. This bold undertaking is generating significant interest along his journey. Stay tuned with us to keep up with TrainwrecksTV’s ongoing pursuits!


Personal Information

  • Full Name: Tyler Faraz Niknam
  • Nicknames: Trainwreckstv, Trainwrecks, Trainwreck, Domer
  • Date of Birth: December 20, 1990
  • Birthplace: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
  • Casino Streamer Since: 2021
  • Net Worth: $400 mil+

Social Media Following

Interesting Facts

  • TrainwrecksTV moved from the USA to Canada to continue his casino streamer career legally and reduce taxes;
  • In a tweet, TrainwrecksTV revealed that the stress caused by gambling led him to lose over 50 pounds and compelled him to take a break from streaming;
  • TrainwrecksTV is a big fan of Japanese cuisine, with ramen ranking among his top choices.
  • Apart from video games and gambling, TrainwrecksTV expresses a great interest in fitness activities and watching movies and TV series.

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