In a recent video, the renowned gaming team, CasinoDaddy, shared their thrilling experience playing the “Shinobi Spirit” slot game by Print Studios.

The video kicked off with a light-hearted chat about the unpredictable weather in Sweden and how most Swedes tend to take long vacations during July, often ending up playing board games indoors due to the rain. It humorously noted the irony of taking time off to enjoy the rare good weather, only to be met with gloomy days.

How to Play “Shinobi Spirit”

But back to the game. In the “Shinobi Spirit” slot game, excitement builds when you activate the Shinobi Bonus Round. This feature is set into motion when you spot 3 or more scatter symbols on your screen, transporting you to a 5×5 grid.

This grid will always have at least one Shinobi symbol to begin with. The beauty of this round is that it continues as long as there’s at least one Shinobi symbol in play.

Each Shinobi character starts with a set of three lives. They lose one with each free spin, but there’s hope! Whenever a Shinobi symbol slices through a symbol on its row, it gains an extra life, with the maximum limit capped at three lives.

Now, let’s talk symbols:

  • Bamboo Prize Symbols: Every time a Shinobi slashes them, their value doubles. Moreover, at the end of a free spin, these symbols can combine, leaving behind a singular bamboo symbol enriched with the collective value of the merged symbols.
  • Green Box: This symbol amplifies the value of all the untouched bamboo prize symbols with its own value.
  • Mask: It channels the Shinobi’s direction towards the bamboo prize of the highest worth. The Shinobi continues slashing as long as there are prize symbols in sight.
  • Shuriken: This directs the Shinobi to slash in the direction where the total prize value is the highest.
  • Sword: This special symbol makes sure each prize is collected twice and remains effective as long as the Shinobi graces the grid.

But the game offers even more excitement: Enter the Golden Shinobi! This character boasts six lives instead of the usual three. When this special Shinobi slashes a prize symbol, its value enhances all the unslashed bamboo symbols currently on display.

CasinoDaddy’s Massive Win on “Shinobi Spirit”

CasinoDaddy chose to forgo the regular spins, opting instead to buy the bonus game directly for 100 bets. With a €2 wager, this purchase totaled €2,000. The atmosphere quickly became electric when CasinoDaddy hit a streak on the “Shinobi Spirit” slot. The screen displayed an intricate pattern, which seemed to be leading to a massive win.

At a certain moment, CasinoDaddy fortuitously landed the sought-after Golden Shinobi symbol, further amplified with a samurai sword. This not only distributed cash values to other bamboo symbols but also doubled their amounts. The tension rose as CasinoDaddy cheered the character on, hoping for more upgrades and a bigger win.

Amidst the suspense, there were moments of panic where it seemed like the winning streak might come to an end. CasinoDaddy fervently hoped for the Golden Shinobi, referred to as the “jello man,” to survive and continue the win streak. Fortune favored CasinoDaddy once more as the Golden Shinobi secured the Mask, collecting a significant share of the displayed rewards.

Consequently, the remaining bamboo on the screen received a 1042x multiplier, which was then effectively claimed by a regular Shinobi.

In a rollercoaster of emotions, CasinoDaddy celebrated the impressive win, making it clear that the game was as unpredictable and exciting as a rainy Swedish summer. Total winnings for the bonus round amounted to €45,460 or an impressive 2,273x.

The video ended on a high, with CasinoDaddy expressing gratitude towards his viewers and the game itself, accompanied by upbeat music.

Watch the full video below:

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