Exclusive Interview Highlights

CasinoDaddy, a brand now synonymous with online casino streaming, owes its inception to three brothers: Eric, Anton, and Matthias. Beginning their professional journey by building websites for customers, the brothers unexpectedly veered into the world of online gambling.

Early Beginnings: Having spent their childhood engrossed in video games and sporadic gambling bouts, the trio stumbled upon the idea of trying out streaming their gambling sessions. They were in for a surprise during their debut – attracting almost 100 viewers. Encouraged by this early sign, the brothers decided to give more time to streaming, often after grueling 12-hour workdays.

Growth & Community Building: Shifting focus from their website business to streaming, they noticed a growing community around their CasinoDaddy brand. For them, the streaming platform was not just about gambling. It served as a community space where viewers connected on a personal level, sharing their daily life, problems, and joys. Matthias remarked,

“When we win, we do it together as a unit or a group… it’s all about winning together.”

The Road to Recognition: Their initial streams revolved around their own deposits, often betting minuscule amounts. But as the popularity grew, casinos started reaching out with lucrative deals, enabling them to enhance the viewer experience with prolonged streams. Their consistency, streaming daily regardless of the day, played a pivotal role in their rapid growth.

Highlights: While numerous wins marked their streaming journey, the real highlights for the brothers were community-centric moments. Eric recalled a hilarious incident where he pressed the wrong button during a stream, leading to unexpected fame. Additionally, the brothers have successfully organized six charity streams, raising between €5,000 to €20,000 per event.

The Brotherly Bond: Running a business with siblings has its pros and cons. Their transparent relationship has often witnessed disagreements, but their unity remains unshaken. They emphasized the trust and bond of being family, ensuring that the business remains a collective effort.

Towards A Bright Future: The brothers are not resting on their laurels. With a collaboration with Relax Gaming in the pipeline to create a slot game, they’re utilizing their unique position – getting direct feedback from their large viewer base to make informed decisions. They’re also keen on enhancing their website, aboutslots.com, adding more features and value for their community.

In their closing remarks, the brothers shared a collective sentiment of gratitude. They owe their success to their community, which stood by them, supporting, critiquing, and growing with them. For CasinoDaddy, it has always been about the community – a journey they embarked on together, one spin at a time.