Renowned Overwatch 2 streamer, dafran, once a professional player, has made a notable transition from Twitch to the emerging platform, Kick.

dafran, who carved his niche as a Damage player in competitive Overwatch between 2016 and 2019, has since evolved into a streaming giant, particularly for Overwatch content on Twitch. Dafran is now planning to include online casinos in his daily streams. However, as Twitch prohibits gambling content, he has opted for instead.

During his announcement, dafran enthusiastically shared,

“Alright team! We’re taking it to Kick! Show that tweet some love, let’s get it trending! Big win for us. There’s something special we can do on Kick, you’ll love it.”

Addressing the naysayers in the chat, he confidently remarked,

“For those dropping the ‘L’ comments, I’ve got two words for you. Do you genuinely think I care? This is a monumental step for me.”

In a strategic move to retain his audience, dafran mentioned he would initiate his streams on Twitch and transition to Kick after an hour. Such tactics have been previously adopted by other streaming icons, including xQc, to ensure the viewership is retained across platforms.

Switching up to KICK from Twitch! To see me live, head to Kick at my regular Twitch streaming time, 9:30 CET. However, I’ll kick things off on Twitch at 8:30 CET and make the shift to Kick by 9:30 CET.
— Tweet by Dafran, August 1, 2023

This switch represents a growing trend of Twitch’s leading talents exploring Kick, enticed by its superior revenue model and relaxed regulations, and also opting for casino streams. However, Kick still grapples with a smaller viewership and nascent infrastructure in comparison to its competitors.

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