It was a high-energy blackjack session in Sin City when Dana White, UFC President, teamed up with popular streamers xQc and Adin Ross. The live event showcased the trio’s gambling talents, or lack thereof, along with their engaging and often hilarious banter.

As the session began, Dana White and xQc discussed their origins, with xQc jokingly mentioning his interest in starting a fighting career. The camaraderie was evident, with Dana referring to xQc as a big gambler and “one of us.” The group also shared a moment of levity discussing the denominations of chips, termed as “oranges” and “pumpkins.”

As bets were placed and cards were dealt, the three tried to outdo each other. Adin Ross was often seen seeking advice on his moves, and there was a particularly amusing exchange about whether or not to take “even money” during a blackjack hand.

Adding to the excitement, the chat announced that global music sensation, Drake, was watching their stream. Both xQc and Adin Ross directly addressed the star, jokingly challenging him to basketball games and betting.

Throughout the game, there was light-hearted banter about who was winning or losing, the techniques being employed, and plenty of cheering for successful hands. Adin Ross frequently mentioned Eddie, the founder of, suggesting he be brought into the game.

By the end of the session, it was clear that the trio had enjoyed their time at the table, even if their wallets might’ve felt differently. The blend of gambling, humor, and spontaneous interactions made it a must-watch for fans of any of the three celebrities.

Whether you’re a UFC fan, an avid follower of Twitch streamers, or just someone who loves Vegas-style entertainment, this live blackjack session had something for everyone.

Watch the full video below:

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