In a recent video that could be labeled as a blackjack enthusiast’s nightmare, we witnessed one of the most tumultuous runs in blackjack history.

Viewers were taken through an experience with Cody from the Xposed Kick Channel, who attempted to tackle a game of blackjack that seemed perpetually rigged against him. The game started with Cody setting up at his private blackjack table. Almost immediately, complications arose when another player, referred to as the “oldman,” began making $10 bets right next to Cody who was putting in a whopping $15,000. The latter found this unsettling and voiced his discomfort.

“I’m doing 15K Bets with somebody right next to me doing ten dollars no shot.”

As the game progressed, it seemed like Cody’s bad luck knew no bounds. From the dealer consistently outperforming him even when the odds seemed in his favor, to side bets turning out fruitless unless he refrained from betting on them, Cody’s frustration became palpable. He even commented on a run where, despite hitting on 18 and getting a 20, the dealer still won.

“I don’t get it, I was having a good night.”

One of the most outrageous moments was when another player named ‘LOL’ began trolling Cody by betting just $5 and taking valuable cards, potentially skewing the game against him. There were insinuations that this troll had a code to Xposed’s private table, which added another layer of tension to the proceedings. This user continually moved seats and seemed to interfere with Cody’s gameplay, prompting a lot of reactions from the streamer.

Amidst the chaotic game, some speculated about the fairness of the Evolution gaming platform Xposed was playing on. Cody’s consistent bad luck and a few suspicious moves by the dealer, such as pausing before drawing a game-changing card, raised eyebrows. As he lamented,

“I haven’t seen him hit a luck streak like this in a long time.”

The game ended with a sense of despair as Cody had one of the worst luck streaks witnessed in a long time. In the end, it’s unclear whether Cody’s night was simply a result of bad luck or indicative of larger issues within online blackjack platforms. One thing is certain: it’s a game that will remain in viewers’ memories for a long time.

Watch the full video below:

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