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Gamebeat is a young and ambitious developer of Bitcoin slots from Cyprus. To date, the studio has released 18 games that will fit any appetite due to the unique atmosphere and first-class graphics.

Gamebeat takes a systematic approach to game development, starting with market research to identify unique solutions for the industry based on their findings. This approach has been a key factor in their early success in many markets. They quickly turn data and creative ideas into a complete product.

Gamebeat offers many popular slot machines, including classic fruit slots like Fortune Three and Fortune Five, as well as great-themed games like Throne of Camelot and Book of Hor. One of Gamebeat’s strengths is their ability to create stories that appeal to a wide range of players. For those who like a dark fantasy aesthetic, they offer Dangerous Monster and Witch Treasures, while players with a sense of wanderlust can explore Raging Lion and Buffalo Trail.

The main advantages of Gamebeat:

HTML5 with WebGL
High-speed emulation makes their games compatible across all platforms and screen sizes.

High frame rates (fps)
Their high-efficiency graphics engine provides a faster, smoother gaming experience and a lower CPU load.

Low battery usage
Their games reduce battery load, allowing longer play times.

Server support
Their remote game server supports all game mechanics with a full solution and back office integration.

Fast loading
Their priority loading and art compression system delivers record-setting load times, giving a seamless entertainment experience.

Mobile compatibility
Their games reduce battery load, allowing longer play times. Also their games are optimized for the best experience over a wide range of devices, from low-end mobiles to the premium flagships.

Although Gamebeat’s collection of slots is not too extensive, it provides ample entertainment. The studio primarily focuses on popular and established themes, as evidenced by the titles of its games. For example, games like Book of Elixir and Book of Hor focus on ancient mythology, while Raging Lion immerses players in the depths of the Savannah. Throne of Camelot touches on the timeless theme of King Arthur and his knights.


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