Egyptian Fortunes

Egyptian Fortunes

RTP: 96.5%
MAX WIN: x309
Buy Bonus Feature: NO
Play for free: YES
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Egyptian Fortunes slot by Pragmatic Play! Take a deep breath, steady your nerves and expect the unexpected because you are about to enter the enigmatic tomb of the great Egyptian Pharaoh.

Search the pyramids for Egyptian Fortunes, the 3 by 5 video slot. Enjoy the quest until you find three Bonus Pyramid Symbols which will point the way to the riches of the Pharaoh. Be careful though, the ancient pyramids are known for their traps.

Egyptian Fortunes By Pragmatic Play

Egyptian Fortunes By Pragmatic Play

Game Details

The tomb of Ramesses VIII is still hidden under the Valley of the Kings, remaining a mystery to humanity. All great archaeologists are eager to find the Pharaoh’s tomb for the legend says it’s filled with unimaginable treasures. It seems like you stumbled upon a sealed, stone door in the arid valley, where there’s no shelter from the relentless sun.

When you enter the enigmatic tomb you notice a superbly designed reel grid in the middle. Looks like the Pharaoh created a slot with 20 paylines that can bring you a winning of up to 309.85 times your bet. Spin the reels and win the prize suitable for a monarch from the Valley of the Kings.

How to Play

Egyptian Fortunes is a videoslot game with a reel set made up of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. This online game offers you the opportunity to multiply your bet 309.85x times. The volatility of this slot game that can award you with real money is rated as medium, while the return to player is 96.5%.

Fortunately, the Pharaoh told his men to leave behind some hints when building the tomb, so that mankind would find it more easily in the future. The hints are the game’s symbols:

  • Pharaoh – Pays 50x your bet when you land 5 on a payline
  • Hathor – Pays 40x your bet when you land 5 on a payline
  • Bastet – Pays 25x your bet when you land 5 on a payline
  • Horus – Pays 20x your bet when you land 5 on a payline
  • Anubis – Pays 15x your bet when you land 5 on a payline
  • The Ace card – Pays 10x your bet when you land 5 on a payline
  • The King card – Pays 7.5x your bet when you land 5 on a payline
  • The Queen card – Pays 5x your bet when you land 5 on a payline
  • The Jack card – Pays 3x your bet when you land 5 on a payline
  • The 10 card – Pays 2.5x your bet when you land 5 on a payline

All symbols above can also grant you other special prizes:

  • The Pharaoh, Hathor and Bastet Symbols award you with 3 Energy Spins if you land 3 on a payline
  • The Horus, Anubis Symbols and the Ace and the King cards award you with 4 Energy Spins if you land 4 on a payline
  • The Queen, Jack and 10 cards award you with 5 Energy Spins if you land 5 on a payline

Ramesses VIII was really fond of cobras (maybe he had a soft spot for goddess Wadjet), so he decided to transform a structure with 2 cobra heads into the Wild Symbol. There, now you are fully protected from chaos, the ultimate evil in Egyptian mythology. This symbol can replace all other symbols, except for the Bonus one. The Cobra Structure Symbol can land on any reels in the base game, and on reels 2 and 4 in the Free Spins Round. It also awards you 250x your bet if you manage to land 5 on a payline.

The pyramid shape is said to hold many secrets and amazing properties. That makes sense because in this game, the Bonus Symbol that looks like a pyramid that has the ability to trigger the Free Spins Feature. Before triggering the Free Spins Round, the pyramid-shaped Bonus Symbol also awards you with the total amount of your bet.

How to Win

The great Pharaoh built two epic features that will bring you that Egyptian Fortune for sure.

The Energy Spins Feature

You can trigger this feature if you land certain winning combinations on the screen. The Energy Spins are played at the next spin, without paying the cost of the bet. You can win more of them while playing one Energy Spin. All Energy Spins are collected in a golden, glossy Energy Bar that appears on the left side of the screen.

If you win the Free Spins Round during an Energy Spin, you’ll have to wait until the last Energy Spin is played. Then, the Free Spins Feature unlocks.

All winnings from an Energy Spins Round are added and paid out at the end of the feature.

The Free Spins Feature

The most precious treasure you can find in Ramesses VIII tomb is the Free Spins Feature. Land 3 Pyramid Symbols on the reels to trigger 6 Free Spins. At the beginning of the round only 3 symbols (except for the Wild and Bonus Symbols) will be randomly selected to appear on the screen. The Wild Symbol will be on the reels, but as a result of a spin and it will only land on reels 2 and 4.


The first screen shows us the entrance of the tomb, with tall columns covered with hieroglyphics and two stone fire pits on the sides of the reels.

Trigger the Free Spins Feature and a new screen appears in front of you. Before entering the secret tomb of the Pharaoh, you’re first shown a quick preview of how his pyramid was built, stone by stone, and how a bright lightning bolt hit the centre of the pyramid. After a dusty, swirling sandstorm crosses the screen, you find yourself in the chamber of the tomb. Mountains of riches lie around the room and in the very centre, the tomb of Ramesses VIII.

Distinct Egyptian notes, with specific drums and tambourine sounds fill your ears the minute you enter the game. In the chamber of the tomb the music acquires different, more dynamic Harp accents.


The purpose of this online slot from Pragmatic Play is to win all the gold from the chamber of Ramesses’ VIII tomb and activate the Free Spins Feature as often as possible. The Energy Spins can also come in handy, so do not ignore this gift from the Pharaoh.

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