F777 Fighter

F777 Fighter

RTP: 95%
MAX WIN: x5000
Play for free: YES
Bitcoin Casino » F777 Fighter

F777 Fighter crash game by Onlyplay! F777 Fighter is a real revolution in the world of online crash games! Just look at these details: a launching shooter, a folding landing gear, a fire cutter, radio communications and a pilot’s catapult! Wow! It’s not as if you have become a real pilot, controlling military equipment. Everything is possible in F777 Fighter! And if you are an ardent fan of games with a military theme you should definitely try it.

F777 Fighter is a new and unique type of online games, made in military aircraft design. It is a multiplayer game that has many similar features with crash games. In this game the multiplier coefficient is constantly growing from the start of the game session till the F777 Fighter crash.

F777 Fighter By Onlyplay

F777 Fighter By Onlyplay

In F777 Fighter the aerial refueling aircrafts increase the multiplier coefficient by 20%/40%/60%. After the aerial refueling aircraft finished the refueling of F777 Fighter aircraft, the multiplier coefficient that was prior to such refueling increases on the percentage allocated with the aerial refueling aircraft.

In the F777 Fighter a progressive jackpot (Jackpot) is available. This jackpot is available only in this game and is not connected with any other games. The current value of the Jackpot is displayed on the game screen.When the Jackpot is won, all the winners are notified and the Jackpot value resets to the starting value.

The Jackpot may be won after the multiplier coefficient in the game exceeds 3.00. The exact game session and moment of the Jackpot win is determined by a random number generator. Fighter is the multiplayer game, so the Jackpot may be won by all the players that during the corresponding game session do not end the game round by taking the Win after the multiplier coefficient exceeded 3.00 and prior to the moment when Jackpot win occured.

F777 Fighter game offers you an opportunity to make 2 bets simultaneously and win more. To enable this feature you have to click on the “+” button that is located on the right of the Make Bet button and the second Bet sector will automatically appear.

The first and the second bets are not connected, you can set different values for each bet, as well as to make only one of the bets. In order to close the second Bet sector you have to click on the “X” button located on the right of the Make Bet button.

In this game You can make the bet for each next game round, as well as the take of the Win in each game round to be conducted automatically without clicking on corresponding buttons during the Auto mode session.

In this game You can see your own results for the last game rounds by clicking on the My Bets button, as well as the results of other players by clicking on the Players button.

You can also express your feelings and emotions in respect of the game session by clicking on any of the smiley faces. The smiley faces chosen are visible to all the players, please be suave and polite.

On the Results bar the multiplier coefficients when the F777 Fighter aircraft crash occurred during the previous game sessions are displayed.




Main game becomes even more exciting when there is a chance to win the Jackpot. Onlyplay games have different Jackpot mechanics; it can be accumulative or absolutely random. Every player finds the game with a jackpot fitting his interests.

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