First Person Deal or No Deal

First Person Deal or No Deal

RTP: 97.30%
MAX WIN: x500
Bitcoin Casino » First Person Deal or No Deal

First Person Deal or No Deal is an exciting game inspired by the popular “Deal or No Deal” TV show.

Game Objective

The objective of the game is to guess which briefcase contains the largest amount of money.

First Person Deal or No Deal By Evolution Gaming

First Person Deal or No Deal By Evolution Gaming

Game Rules Qualification

A player must qualify to join the game show.

To qualify, place your bet and spin to align the golden sectors of the three rings in the upper area of the wheel.

To improve your qualification chances, select EASY to align one ring, VERY EASY to align two rings and INSTANT to align all three rings. This will increase your selected bet amount by 3x for one ring, 9x for two rings and 18x for three rings.

With each spin, you add money into the biggest-prize briefcase. The added amount will be 75x–500x your bet. Golden boxes represent briefcase values. You can select any box as your biggest-prize briefcase.

If you do not qualify, you will automatically be offered qualification for the next round. Spin the wheel as many times as you wish. Each spin will cost your selected bet amount.

“Congratulations!” Once you have qualified, a congratulations message will appear.

Click/tap PLAY to go straight to the game show. Click/tap TOP UP to increase values in the briefcases before joining the game show.

Top Up

If you have chosen to top up, a Top Up wheel will appear.

Place your bet, pick any golden box, and spin the wheel to increase value in the selected briefcase by 5x–50x your bet. Briefcases will accumulate amounts with each TOP UP spin.

Each spin will cost your selected bet amount.

Game Show

After you click/tap PLAY, you join the game show.

First, you need to pick your main briefcase – the one you believe to be the biggest-prize briefcase.

Next, the briefcases will randomly open in batches of 3, 4, 4 and 3 briefcases. The opened briefcases will no longer participate in the game.

After each batch opening, you get the banker’s offer:

  • Click/tap DEAL to accept the banker’s offer and exit the game show.
  • Click/tap NO DEAL to reject the banker’s offer and continue to play.

Four offers will be made in total.

After the fourth opening, only two briefcases will be left. The final banker’s offer will give the player three choices:

  • Click/tap DEAL to accept the banker’s offer.
  • Click/tap NO DEAL to win the amount from the main briefcase.
  • Click/tap SWITCH BRIEFCASE to win the amount from the other briefcase.

The message displaying your winnings will appear and you will return to the Qualification phase of the game.


Players can win up to 500x their bet with the option to top up their bet by 5x–50x in the Top Up phase of the game. The maximum allowed value of any briefcase after the Top Up phase is limited.

Return to Player

The optimal theoretical return-to-player percentage is 95.42%.

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