Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

RTP: 96.56%
MAX WIN: x20000
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Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is an exciting game full of unexpected prizes. You will join Gonzo, the Spanish explorer, in the search for the lost treasures of El Dorado city.

Game Objective

The objective of the game is to guess where on the wall of 70 stones you will find the hidden treasure stones.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt By Evolution Gaming

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt By Evolution Gaming

Game Rules

  1. Place your bets on one or more treasure

The stones on the wall will be displayed in a matching colour.

2. Select the number of picks (1 to 20) you would like to make to find your stones once the wall is hidden

Your total bet will be the number of selected picks multiplied by the total value of all your placed bets on treasure stones. For example, placing R2 and R5 on two different stones and 3 picks selected is (R2+R5) x 3 = R21.

Treasure Hunt

After you have placed your bets and selected your number of picks, all the stones on the wall are shuffled and the values hidden. Now is the time to hunt your treasures by picking stones from the wall. The timer will start counting and you can make as many picks as you have selected. You can move any of your selections by clicking/tapping on it and dragging it to a different stone.

If time is up and you have not made all the selected picks, the remaining picks will be made randomly for you.

Prize Drop

Gonzo will now turn the key to start the Prize Drop! Bonus Prizes from 3 to 100 in value will appear at the top of the wall, and if there is an opening in the row below, the prizes will drop down and stop at random stones, adding to the value of the hidden stone. Some Prize Drops may contain no prizes to be dropped to the wall.

Multipliers with values from 2x to 10x may also appear among the prizes in the top row which would multiply all visible values on the wall.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt 2x

In addition, a Re-Drop may also appear among the prizes in the top row, triggering another Prize Drop and increasing the chances of even more prizes falling onto the wall.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Refresh

Each time there is a Prize Drop, there can be Bonus Prizes, multipliers, and Re-Drops in the top row, falling in that order. A maximum of 10 Re-Drops can occur during one game round. If more than one prize falls on the same stone, all the prize values are added. If a Re-Drop features a new multiplier, all visible values on the wall are multiplied again using that multiplier.

At the end of the game, the wall reveals the final values on all of the stones.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Game

You can now see whether you have picked the same stones that had your bet at the start of the game round.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Bets

You only win if you picked one of the stones with your bet on. If you picked a stone that received a bonus value, it is added to the standard payout value (1, 2, 4, 8, 20 and 65). Your winning bet is multiplied by the stones final value. Your original bet on a single stone and one selected pick is returned on top of what you have won.

Example 1: You bet on 65x, a Bonus Prize of 10 is dropped and that is followed by a 2x multiplier. You prize will be 65 + 10 x 2= 85. 85 is then multiplied by your bet to arrive at your total winnings and your original bet is returned on top of that.

Example 2: You bet on 1x and have chosen 5 picks. A Bonus Prize of 10 is dropped on one of your selections and that is followed by a 2x multiplier.

When the wall reveals you see that:

  • under the first pick there is a 1x stone with the Bonus Prize of 10 and a 2x multiplier. The value of your Bonus Prize is multiplied by 2 and is now 20. Your payout is 1 + 20
  • under the second, third and fourth picks, there are 1x stones as well. Your payout is 1+1+1
  • under the fifth pick there is a 4x stone. Since you did not bet on this stone, you receive no payout for it.

You have found 4 stones with 1x. Your final payout for the 1x stone is 24.

Stones that were picked but were not covered by your bet will be displayed on the wall with a special symbol.


Stone PayoutStones In WallPays
1271 to 1
2202 to 1
4124 to 1
878 to 1
20320 to 1
65165 to 1


For details see the Bet Limit table in the info tab when in the live game.

Prizes won during the game round are added on top of the standard payout. The maximum amount an individual stone on the wall can receive during the Prize Drop is 20,000x.

Please note that any malfunction voids the game round and all eventual payouts for the round.

Return to Player

The optimal theoretical Return-To-Player (RTP) is 96.56%.

  • 1 – 96.42%
  • 2 – 96.51%
  • 4 –96. 35%
  • 8 – 96.56%
  • 20 – 96.55%
  • 65 – 96.52%


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