Hercules and Pegasus

Hercules and Pegasus

RTP: 96.5%
MAX WIN: x2000
Buy Bonus Feature: NO
Play for free: YES
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Hercules and Pegasus slot by Pragmatic Play! We hope you’re ready for a new mythical quest. This time your allies will be Hercules, the demi-god and the son of Zeus and Alcmene, a mortal queen, and Pegasus, “a magnificent horse with the wings (and brain) of a bird”. Hop on Pegasus’ back and let the adventure begin.

Fly high in Hercules and Pegasus, the 5×3, 20 lines videoslot. Random Wilds and stacked symbols appears on the reels and in the unlimited free spins feature the wins are increasing progressively.

Hercules and Pegasus By Pragmatic Play

Hercules and Pegasus By Pragmatic Play

Game Details

We all know that Hercules, the Greek demi-god faced huge obstacles, proving his strength and (less so) wisdom every time. Now it looks like our hero and his winged friend, Pegasus, are getting ready for a new adventure: to help you win as many Free Spins as possible. Don’t worry, Zeus will give his son a helping hand when things get tough.

Both Hercules and Pegasus have a few tricks up their sleeves – two special Free Spins Feature for our heroes, an awesome 2,000 times your stake jackpot and 20 divine paylines blessed by Zeus.

How to Play

Hercules and Pegasus is a 3 lines and 5 reels videoslot game with 20 paylines that can bring you winnings worth 2,000 times your stake. The default return to player is set to 96.5%, while the volatility is rated as high.

Zeus sent his son a lot of gifts (helping symbols) in order to make sure you’ll have many possibilities to win big. The gifts the king of Gods sent are:

  • Hercules and Pegasus emblem – Pays 20x for 5 on a payline
  • Parthenon – Pays 15x for 5 on a payline
  • Harp and Vase – Each pays 10x for 5 on a payline
  • The Ace and King cards – Each pays 5x for 5 on a payline
  • The Queen, Jack and 10 cards – Each pays 2.5x for 5 on a payline

The Red and the Blue Bottles are also a big deal during the Free Spins Features. Each of them grants you opportunities to increase your winnings.

Because Zeus wanted to be part of Hercules adventures, he forged a symbol for himself, the Zeus Symbol. This symbol can change into any other one, just like Zeus can change his shape and wander Earth.

Other very important symbols are the Wild Symbols. There are 3 kinds of Wild Symbols: one that depicts Hercules and Pegasus, side by side, one with Hercules alone and the last one with Pegasus alone. Any of these symbols can replace all others, except for the Bonus Symbols. All Wild Symbols can land on any reel. Being a special gift from Zeus, the Hercules and Pegasus Symbol has a huge advantage: it pays 25x for 5 on a payline.

The symbols Zeus tried to hide from Hera most eagerly are the Bonus ones. These dominant symbols are The Golden Bonus, The Hercules Bonus and The Pegasus Bonus. These 3 powerful symbols can change destines because they trigger 1 of the 3 Free Spins Features.

How to Win

Hercules had a little brainstorm with Pegasus and, after days of thinking hard, they decided on two divine features. Hercules said this is the recipe to getting your hands on the big prize and we believe him, he’s a Demi-God after all.

The Modifier Feature

While playing, Hercules riding his precious winged horse can randomly appear on the screen on any spin. After he disappears, 3 flying scrolls will pop up in front of you. By picking one scroll you determine the kind of Modifier you’ll get:

Hercules Modifier Feature – our demi-god kicks the screen and Hercules Wild Symbols are added on the reels, in arbitrary places. After the initial spin is over, a respin round with random wild symbols added to the screen can be triggered.

Pegasus Modifier Feature – Pegasus floats in the right part of the screen while his Wild Symbols are scattered all over the reels. If the Gods are kind enough (fingers crossed), you might get the chance to add a 2x multiplier to your winnings.

Bolts of Zeus – heavy and dark clouds appear on top of the frame and big lightnings strike at the screen, for the mighty god is angry. Zeus Symbols appear where the lightnings stroke and, at the end of the spin, all Zeus Symbol transform into any other symbol, except for the Wild Pegasus and The Golden Bonus Symbols.

The Free Spins Feature

Hercules and Pegasus are partners and, for them to get along well, Zeus made another feature that focuses on free spins: each one has his own Free Spin Feature.

Hercules Free Spins Feature– this feature is triggered when Golden Bonus Symbols land on reel 1 and 3 and a Hercules Bonus Symbol lands on reel 5. You are awarded with an infinite number of spins. We see Hercules on the right side, majestically gazing in the distance, with the wind blowing his hair and cape. During this feature, each time a Red Bottle Symbol lands on the reels more Hercules Wild Symbols are added. The Red Bottles can only land 5 times only. So, when the 5th bottle lands, the feature ends and you collect all your winnings.

Pegasus Free Spins Feature – now is Pegasus’ turn to show you what he’s capable of. This kind of feature is triggered when a Golden Bonus Symbol lands on reel 1 and 3 and a Pegasus Bonus Symbol lands on reel 5. When the feature starts, Pegasus stands proudly on two legs on the left side of the screen. Just like in Hercules’ Free Spins Feature you are awarded with an unlimited number of spins. The symbol that matters now is the Blue Bottle. When it hits reel 5, you get a multiplier that increases with each spin, the maximum multiplier being 5x. When the 5th Blue Bottle hits the reels, the feature ends.

Hercules and Pegasus Free Spins Feature – you can trigger this feature if a Golden Bonus Symbol lands on reel 1 and 3 and both Hercules and Pegasus Bonus Symbols land on reel 5. Now we see Hercules on the right side, looking gladly at his winged friend. Pegasus is standing in the left corner, ready to take his master to their next adventure. Both heroes reward you with unlimited spins. In this case, both Bottles are present and each of them can increase your winnings. The Red Bottle, when landing on reel 5, adds more Hercules and Pegasus Wild Symbols to the screen and the Blue Bottle adds an increasing multiplier up to 5x. When one of the two types of bottles lands for the 5th time, the feature is over.


The first screen shows us the peak of Mount Olympus, the mythical home of Greek gods in the background. This place looks like it’s been shrouded from human eyes by clouds on purpose.  Thus, Zeus could descend to Earth and walk around in any shape or form he desires. It is good to be the king of Gods!

When one of the Free Spins Feature is activated, the background changes. Now we seem to be in the very heart of Mount Olympus.

The music is pretty light in the beginning, making you feel like being in a garden, near a Greek temple. The wind is whispering through the columns and you can hear nymphs singing lightly. Things start to heat up when you hit the spin button. A more dynamic and active music kicks in, suitable for the brave adventures of Hercules and Pegasus.


Hercules and Pegasus is an online slot game from Pragmatic Play built around the Free Spins Feature. Thanks to Zeus’ love for his son, this game offers three Modifier Features to win huge amounts of money.

Our ride to Mount Olympus is reaching an end and Pegasus is getting ready to land on Earth. Before you dismount, keep in mind that you can always return to the home of Gods. We’re sure Zeus will welcome you with open arms. Just avoid Hera, sometimes she’s in a bad mood.

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