Magic Journey

Magic Journey

RTP: 96.54%
MAX WIN: x400
Buy Bonus Feature: NO
Play for free: YES
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Unlock the story in Magic Journey, the 1 reel, fixed lines video slot from Pragmatic Play! Wins keep on increasing with consecutive respins, up to 400x on 8 paylines by discovering all of the iconic characters. Join Sun Wukong in his mission to learning the Taoist guidelines and he may award you this slot’s biggest jackpot!

Game Details

Our journey begins when Sun Wukong hatched out of a rock and was assigned the mission of learning Taoist philosophy, the central philosophy in Chinese religious life so that he can award you the highest winnings. The path to Taoist enlightenment is long (and super hard), but he doesn’t give up that easily. He painstakingly tries to master the Respin art and to teach the other symbols how to land in a payline as often as possible. The Monkey King lives by the Taoist saying, “When I see someone playing the Magic Journey slot, I will support him with good fortune”.

Magic Journey By Pragmatic Play

Magic Journey By Pragmatic Play

How to Play

Magic Journey is indeed a magical and unique videoslot. It consists of a 1×5 spinnable slot and a 3×3 grid score card. This slot has 9 symbols inspired by the famous Chinese novel, Journey to the WestSurprisingly, these symbols stay still throughout the game. The score card has 8 fixed paylines that can award you 400x your stake.

The volatility of this game is rated as high and the RTP value is 96.54%. The Monkey King is interested only in learning the secret of the Taoist precepts, so he’ll take you with him if you bet either 0.20 euros, the minimum bet, or 100 euros, the maximum bet.

You can win at this game by spinning the slot. On each spin, the horizontal row can reveal up to 5 of the characters (or none) which highlight on the scorecard when they land, meaning you hit a payline. These lines pay as follows:

  • 1 Line – Pays 2x your bet
  • 2 Lines – Pay 5x your bet
  • 3 Lines – Pay 10x your bet
  • 4 Lines – Pay 15x your bet
  • 5 Lines – Pay 30x your bet
  • 6 Lines – Pay 100x your bet
  • 8 Lines – Pay 400x your bet

The most balanced symbol is the Respin one. It looks like Sun Wukong with his powerful staff that can defeat any enemy.

How to Win

Sun Wukong knows that the safest way to learn the Taoist principles is the Respin Feature, that’s why he chose it as the main feature of this slot. There are two ways to triggering it and get rewarded with the highest multiplier of up to 400 times your bet.

The Respin Feature 

You can trigger this feature in two ways:

  • Hit one or more paylines. If the characters that landed on the row form a payline on the score card, you are awarded a Respin! Form another line in the Respin round and you’ll receive a brand new Respin. This goes on until no new lines are created, or every symbol on the scorecard is lit up.
  • Land the Respin Symbol. Hit the Sun Wukong Symbol and the Monkey whirls his staff and rewards you with a Respin.

The game will award you with a Respin without taking money from your deposit regardless of the way you triggered this feature.


The first screen takes you on top of a pagoda with upward curving roof made of dark-green bricks and adorned with little, round lantern swinging from the curves on both sides of the screen. In the background you can see a serene, orange twilight, with fluffy clouds gliding sluggishly across the screen.

While the slot spins you can listen to a peaceful music, with clear Chinese accents. Hit a Respin Symbol and the Monkey Warrior shouts with glee. Land all 8 paylines and a gold coins rain appears on the screen, meaning that you just won 400x your bet.


Magic Journey is a spiritual video slot game built around the Respin feature and on the All-The-Winnings-Are-Yours Principles. If you follow our hero and you help him from time to time, he’ll definitely be there for you.

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