The Great Chicken Escape

The Great Chicken Escape

RTP: 96.5%
MAX WIN: x5500
Buy Bonus Feature: NO
Play for free: YES
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The Great Chicken Escape slot by Pragmatic Play! It is you who’ll help the chickens achieve the greatest escape of all time. You’ll communicate with them all the time, making sure they’re on the right track. If your chair is not the most comfortable, go get one now, the breakout is about to begin, and the chickens are eager to award you with winnings 5,500 times your stake.

Follow Charlie in his adventures in The Great Chicken Escape, the 5×3, 20 lines video slot. The chicken gang will pull the escape of the century by triggering random symbols or expanding wilds. Help them build a tunnel out of the camp through 5 bonus games with increasing payout. Let the escape begin!

The Great Chicken Escape By Pragmatic Play

The Great Chicken Escape By Pragmatic Play

Game Details

The chickens have been planning this escape since they set foot on the farm and the big day is finally here. They need to move fast, it’s now or never. The plan is simple: get pass the guard dog, choose the correct tunnel and crawl back to freedom.

The Great Chicken Escape slot was built using the above formula. For you to make the most out of your play session, the chickens agreed on a potential of winning up to 5,500x your stake. You know what they say, he/ she who gets up with the chickens win the biggest payout.

How to Play

The Great Chicken Escape is videoslot game with a reel matrix with 5 reels and 3 lines and 20 paylines. The return to player value of 96.50% and the volatility is rated as medium.

Each symbol from The Great Chicken Escape can make a difference, regardless of its rank. From the influential general to the devoted sergeant, they all contribute to the success of this outbreak:

  • The Great Chicken Escape emblem – Pays 25x your bet if you land 5 on a payline
  • General – Pays 15x your bet if you land 5 on a payline
  • Lieutenant – Pays 15x your bet if you land 5 on a payline
  • Captain – Pays 10x your bet if you land 5 on a payline
  • Sergeant – Pays 10x your bet if you land 5 on a payline
  • The Ace and King cards – Each pays 5x your bet if you land 5 on a payline
  • The Queen and Jack cards – Each pays 4x your bet if you land 5 on a payline

The aim of the game is that all chickens slip away without getting caught – all for one and one for all! To help them achieve this goal, the game offers 3 Wild Symbols:

The chicken-leader of this escape, our hero, is the Rooster Wild Symbol. This symbol is a rooster with a John Travolta hairstyle and a rebellious attitude. During the game you’ll actually see him on his motorcycle, fearlessly riding as you trigger certain features. This Wild Symbol can appear on any reel and substitutes for all others, except for the Bonus one.

Another Wild Symbol is the Guard Dog. This one can substitute for all symbols, except for the Bonus symbol and can trigger the Guard Dog Wilds Feature. Who let the guard dogs out? Who? Who?

Last, but not least, the Wild Symbol is represented by the Chicken Run. This special symbol can replace all other symbols, but the Bonus Symbol and can trigger the Chicken Run Feature. When it comes to this feature, it’s every chicken for himself.

The map that leads our chickens to a better world is the Bonus Symbol. This one can appear on all reels and can trigger different features.

How to Win

The chickens’ plan consists of two highly-awarding and powerful features. The chicken-leader of this slot is ready to try all of them so that he can finally be free.

The Modifier Feature

These features can be randomly triggered in the base game. Everything is possible in war and slot games. There are 3 types of Modifiers:

Guard Dog Wilds – the Rooster climbs up from a pit and a falling anvil knocks the guard out cold. This determines from 4 to 9 Guard Dog Wild Symbols to appear in random positions;

Chicken Run Wilds– our hero climbs up the reels and unrolls 2 to 4 Chicken Run Wilds Symbols, covering the whole reel;

Care Package – the chicken-leader tries to catch a huge, wooden box that’s falling from above. The box cracks open and the reels get stacked with golden eggs. Once the spin has played out, all golden eggs on the reels are transformed into a matching standard symbol. That’s what we call a chicken that lays tons of golden eggs.

The Random Bonus Feature

Hit 3 or 4 Bonus Symbols and trigger one of the 5 random features. Land 5 Bonus Symbols and you hit the big Jackpot: The Big Money Bonus round.

Before triggering any feature, the Great Chicken Escape slot offers you the chance to either claim or gamble the feature, hoping to land a better one. What’s life without a little risk, right?

Secret Tunnel Bonus – you find yourself in a barn equipped with barrels, some farm tools and three enigmatic chests. You get to pick one chest to reveal either a cash reward, the Mystery Tunnel feature or Collect, which ends the bonus. If the Mystery Tunnel comes up, you get to pick one of four entrances with one of them leading you to any of the four features listed below.

Poultry in Motion – the Rooster is facing a 22 steps path that’ll take him to the Big Money Bonus. You can help him by picking eggs to reveal the number of steps to advance along the multiplier trail. If Collect comes up, the feature ends and your winnings are multiplied. The aim is to advance as much as possible – if you reach the end, you will enter The Big Money Bonus feature.

Get Clucky Free Spins – you are awarded with 10 free spins. With each wild symbol that appears on the reels the win multiplier increases by 1x.

To the Other Side Free Spins – the round awards 9 spins plus 1 special free spin. For the first 9 spins the Wild Symbols that hit randomly on any spin are collected into a special Wild bank. The last, special spin will take all the collected Wilds from the bank and put them on the reels. Under the reels you can see the Rooster, General, Lieutenant, Captain and Sergeant crawling through a tunnel that’ll take them to the other side. Why did the chicken crawl through the tunnel? To escape and live a happy life.

Big Money Bonus – the Rooster is now on his motorcycle, surrounded by 12 colorful barrels that award you with cash prizes. The carousel starts spinning and the value of the barrel you land is added to the total win of the round. After each spin you get to choose one of the 10 golden eggs to get a new spin or to Collect your earnings. The round ends when you hit the Collect egg. Choose wisely.


The Great Chicken Escape slot tells the story of 5 brave chickens who break out of their farm in hope of a better life. The first screen shows a military camp landscape with a wooden watching tower, shabby barracks and muddy grounds. The chicken-leader is on the right side corner, captive in a hole in the ground – your luck can give him the opportunity to escape and reward you with a modifier.  

The default sounds of chickens clucking put the whole picture into place. Hit the spin button and a more rhythmic music starts playing. You actually feel like you’re ready to take the risk and escape with your chicken friends.


Looks like the Rooster and his comrades are close to escaping the camp so your job here is done. If you want to feel that sudden rush of blood again and win up to 5,500 times your initial bet, all you have to do is to click the “Play” button and you’re back on the farm.

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