Triple Tigers

Triple Tigers

RTP: 96.52%
MAX WIN: x500
Buy Bonus Feature: NO
Play for free: YES
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Triple Tigers slot by Pragmatic Play! Three tigers sat down and talked about making a slot game. After a couple of hours of roaring, they agreed on this highly awarding slot.

Join the tigers’ team in this 3×3 video slot game that can award you a considerable winning with just one pay line. You have the eye of the tiger, you are ready to face the dangers of the Savannah.

Triple Tigers By Pragmatic Play

Triple Tigers By Pragmatic Play

Game Details

The three tigers got bored of chasing deer and playing Mahjong with their family every evening, so they came up with a great idea: creating the Triple Tigers slot game. Because they’re triplets, isn’t that cute?

The tigers have different abilities, so each of them made a certain part of the game. The Green Tiger loves slot games, therefore he’ll be the Tester. The Yellow Tiger is the smart one, so he’ll do the math behind the game – the Brain. Finally, the Purple Tiger is the creative one, so he’ll design the whole slot – the Designer.

After they finish building the slot, the triplets promised to invite you to play it. We hope you like the heat, because you’re about to go on a trip to the Savannah.

How to Play

This is a three-reel slot with three rows and just one powerful, fearless pay line. This pay line, and this pay line alone, can award you 500 times your bet.

The Yellow Tiger is the most serious and logical one, so he set the volatility and the return to player value. Therefore, the volatility of this game is high and the RTP value is set at 97.52%.

The Yellow and Purple Tigers worked together on these high awarding symbols:

  • Yellow Tiger – Pays 500x your bet if you land 3 on the pay line
  • Purple Tiger – Pays 300X your bet if you land 3 on the pay line
  • Green Tiger – Pays 200x your bet if you land 3 on the pay line
  • Lucky 8 – Pays 200x your bet if you land 3 on the pay line
  • Golden Paw – Pays 200x your bet if you land 3 on the pay line
  • Three BAR – Pays 200x your bet if you land 3 on the pay line
  • Two BAR – Pays 200x your bet if you land 3 on the pay line
  • One BAR – Pays 200x your bet if you land 3 on the pay line
  • Any BAR symbol – Pays 10x your bet if you land 3 on the pay line

How to Win

The mechanism of this slot is rather simple (but not simpler): you need to land 3 of a kind symbols to trigger a certain prize. Your main purpose in Triple Tigers should be to land 3 Yellow Tiger Symbols on the screen and get your paws on the tigers’ biggest treasure.


The Purple Tiger is the creative one. He loves to draw with his paws in the mud, creating some pretty cool sketches. He considered taking up a design class, but he never plucked up the courage to do it. Who knows, maybe after creating this slot game, he’ll have the confidence to learn design professionally.

As a personal project, the Purple Tiger designed the graphics of this video slot game. The reels are set on a red background with a lotus flower pattern. On the left side of the screen, you can see the paytable that has a scratch frame. This is the personal touch of the Tigers. On both sides of the logo are two tigers. “You see, it looks like the tigers are sneaking around the logo, preparing to attack it”, says the Purple Tiger proudly looking at his creation.

Press the “Spin” button and a happy, Asian inspired music fills your ears. One can actually distinguish between the Erhu and Guzheng accents. You have to admit it, the Purple Tiger knows his way around music.


Triple Tigers is an online slot game that can give you a prize worth 500x your stake if you land three Yellow Tigers on the pay line. Appreciate the work of all tigers and have faith that they won’t disappoint you.

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