In a gripping gameplay session, ROSHTEIN managed to achieve his highest multiplier yet on the popular online slot game, Money Train 3.

From the onset, ROSHTEIN expressed disbelief at some of the rare combinations he was seeing, specifically Persistent Collector-Payer.

“Okay, okay that’s rare. I don’t think I got it maybe I had it once,” he exclaimed, underscoring just how unique this gameplay session was for him.

A particularly intense moment ensued when he continually urged for another collector.

“One more collector, please, one more collector! He’s saving boys, please save them boys! Oh my God, wait, one more collector!”

It was evident that each spin held significant weight, with thousands potentially at stake. The round concluded with an impressive 7078x multiplier, amounting to $376,750 based on the initial $50 bet.

The gameplay showcased a series of collectors, a symbol in Money Train 3 that has the potential to substantially increase wins. As he navigated the game, ROSHTEIN seemed particularly focused on obtaining as many collectors as possible.

ROSHTEIN’s emphasis on the game’s symbols, especially the sniper and collector, highlighted their importance in achieving a high multiplier.

“Where’s the sniper? Where is my sniper?” he voiced, echoing the urgency of the situation.

However, ROSHTEIN also noted that the value of symbols could change based on their combinations.

“There is no good or bad symbol here; everything is based on what you have in combination with,” he remarked, underscoring the complexity and unpredictability of the game.

The gameplay session concluded with ROSHTEIN in good spirits, expressing his satisfaction with the results. “Profit, yay!” he exclaimed, indicating a successful end to a thrilling round of Money Train 3.

For fans of online gaming, ROSHTEIN’s recent gameplay on Money Train 3 is a testament to the unpredictable and exhilarating nature of the game. The combination of strategy, luck, and intense reactions makes this a must-watch for any gaming enthusiast.

Watch the full video below:

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