Popular online casino streamer Roshtein took his audience by surprise with a thrilling session on a Wild West-themed slot game, Wild West Duels by Pragmatic Play. From the initial moments of suspense – with the streamer repeatedly saying “wait” as the game unfolds – to his unanticipated win, viewers are gripped by the unfolding drama.

Roshtein took on the Lost Relic bonus game, renowned for its high potential and commanding a price of 400 bets for a purchase. The game offers 3 free spins in total. But before the spins are set into motion, players have the chance to choose 9 out of 25 displayed shovels. These shovels uncover either guaranteed Wilds or random multipliers. The Wild picks can have values of 1, 2, 3, or 5, and multipliers can range from x1 to x5. After making the selections, players proceed to the free spins. In each spin, a predetermined number of Wilds will land at random spots, and any win will be magnified by the multiplier won earlier.

Roshtein struck gold in his game of Wild West Duels, successfully selecting 8 Wilds along with an astounding 36x multiplier. This remarkable combination set the stage for his initial astonishment. While possessing 8 Wilds doesn’t necessarily guarantee wins, Roshtein’s fortune played out as the Wilds landed in just the right spots to boost his winnings.

As the slot reels spin, Roshtein ‘s excitement crescendos when a ‘blue guy’ symbol appears along with 8 Wilds on the same payline. The payout for that spin totaled $635,000.

Cumulatively, his entire play led him close to the million-dollar mark, showcasing not only the potential of the Wild West Duels game but also Roshtein’s fortuitous gameplay. It was a monumental win and a testament to the unpredictable yet exhilarating nature of online slot gaming.

The video also sparks curiosity as Roshtein ponders the game’s mechanics, particularly regarding the maximum multiplier achievable. He questions, “What is the max multiplier I can get on that side?” but the game keeps its secrets, offering no clear indication.

Watch the full video below:

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