Popular online casino streamer Roshtein once again amazed fans with an electrifying gameplay video on “Power of Merlin” from Pragmatic Play. Here’s a recap of the heart-racing events that went down.

The game started with a suspenseful tone. “We have five scatters,” Roshtein commented, giving viewers a glimpse into the potential huge wins that could follow.

This setup awarded Roshtein 14 free spins instead of regular 10. However, he chose to use the Gamble feature to try and increase his spins. Successfully, he reached the maximum of 30 free spins.

His palpable excitement was evident as he repeated, “Come on baby, make me proud,” urging the game on.

As the game progressed, there were several standout moments. One particularly thrilling sequence saw a slew of kings appear on the screen. “I’ve never seen that,” Roshtein admitted in disbelief, highlighting just how rare and significant this move was. “That was beautiful. Alright, 1,000x already,” he exclaimed, indicating the massive multiplier he had achieved.

He also mentioned, “If that was premium, imagine if those turned to wild.” A testament to the unpredictability of the game and the bigger rewards that still lay in wait. However, he didn’t anticipate that after a spin he would land on the Merlins, the game’s top symbol. Consequently, the payout for them surpassed all expectations.

Despite initial setbacks, Roshtein’s persistence paid off. At one point, after a series of rapid game spins and shouts of “Yes!”, the gamer announced a massive win: “Ah $3.2 million.” The excitement didn’t end there. He rounded off by mentioning he ended up with $5.4 million and would set aside $3.5 million, the amount he needed to break even for the day.

Roshtein’s gameplay was a rollercoaster of emotions. The exhilaration, the near misses, and the final triumph are all part of what makes his videos so captivating. And as the video showed, even in the world of online gaming, persistence can pay off big time.

Watch the full video below:

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