Trainwrecks, the popular online streamer, achieved the rare base game max win on the Retro Tapes slot by Push Gaming. Viewers watched in anticipation as the screen lit up with winning combinations, culminating in a victory of 500k. It was a satisfying spectacle rarely witnessed by most players, with the presenter describing it as the “most satisfying max win” he’d ever seen.

The maximum win on Retro Tapes reaches a multiplier of 10,000 times. Acquiring a super bonus within the game requires an investment of 400 times the base bet. Consequently, should a player opt for the super bonus and attain the maximum payout, the resultant payout would only be 25 times the initial investment. It’s worth noting that players attain the maximum win in Retro Tapes quite often. However, Trainwrecks did it in style.

In this instance, Trainwrecks also opted for the super bonus buy. Instantly, three Wild symbols aligned at the screen’s bottom, each augmented by an added x5 multiplier. Unlike stacking multipliers, each of these multipliers individually multiplies the payout, which results in much higher potential. For instance, if you have three multipliers of x5, the total multiplier will be x125, and so on. As Trainwrecks progressed, he managed to elevate the multipliers for each Wild to 15x. Consequently, the payout soared to $500,000 – the max win for his base bet of $50, eliminating the need to venture into the bonus game mode.

In the video, Trainwrecks engaged in multiple rounds of various slot games. Despite some notable wins, he was seen frequently enduring losses, a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of gambling. At one point, despite the euphoria of the big wins, it was pointed out that Trainwrecks was still down by one million dollars, underscoring the high-risk, high-reward nature of online slots.

The video ended with an intense session of the Big Bass Amazon Xtreme slot from Pragmatic Play, with Trainwrecks achieving a 325K win. However, the overarching message was clear: while it’s exhilarating to witness big wins, the reality of gambling can be harsh, with losses outweighing victories.

Watch the full video below:

For fans interested in the full experience, Trainwrecks’ entire sessions can be accessed on under TrainwrecksTV.

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