Popular streamer TrainwrecksTV recently found himself in the middle of an exhilarating gaming experience. The streamer, known for his candid reactions and high stakes, was seen engaging in a series of online games that had fans on the edge of their seats.

The video kicks off with the streamer playing ‘Wanted Dead or a Wild’ slot machine game from Hacksaw Gaming. Despite the stakes, the odds seemed stacked against him, with the highlight pointing out that TrainwrecksTV had already sunk tens of millions of dollars into the machine. However, the tide seemed to turn when, in an intense moment, he managed to achieve a full screen of Wild, resulting in a whopping $9.9 million win. While not the maximum possible win, it was a major achievement and a testament to TrainwrecksTV’s never-give-up attitude.

‘Wanted Dead or a Wild’ features three bonus games, with one of them showcasing an increased number of VS symbols, which act as the expanding multiplier Wilds. Remarkably, Trainwrecks clinched a win in the main game mode, a feat seldom achieved. Given his wager of $1,500, this translated to an impressive 6,600x multiplier. When opting for a bonus game with VS symbols, the highest potential return is 62.5x, even if that represents the maximum payout.

Not one to rest on his laurels, TrainWrecksTV then transitioned to Blackjack. With a balance of 264,000, viewers were treated to a series of plays, with the streamer’s reactions ranging from elation to disbelief. His strategies sometimes diverged from conventional wisdom, such as standing on 16s against sevens, but his unique style is part of what makes him a favorite among fans.

But the surprises didn’t end there. The highlight further revealed TrainWrecksTV’s foray into roulette. With specific numbers in mind, he took to the table with high hopes. In one particularly intense moment, viewers held their collective breaths as he aimed for number 11, a number he had hinted at multiple times. While it was a close call, the ball did not land on the coveted number, but his enthusiasm remained intact.

The session took a turn when the streamer encountered technical difficulties, unable to reconnect to the slot games. Despite the glitch, TrainwrecksTV tried to find alternative gaming options, hinting at a possible return to live games.

The video served as a rollercoaster of emotions, capturing the highs and lows of online gaming. The highlight ended with a cautionary note, urging viewers not to gamble and emphasizing the unpredictability of such games. For fans eager to catch more of TrainwrecksTV’s exploits, they can follow him on the platform Kick.

Watch the full video below:

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