In a thrilling gaming session, Xposed showcased the rollercoaster ride of online slot gaming, ultimately boasting an impressive win of over $200,000. The video’s excitement revolved around the unpredictable nature of bonus buys, and Coby’s reactions to the unfolding gameplay.

Throughout the session, Xposed was seen eagerly waiting for orbs, bonus symbols, spins, switch symbols, or other mechanics that are required for big wins in a particular slot. At times, he expressed frustration and confusion at the mechanics, noting that he struggled to comprehend how certain symbols connected or why certain sequences were forming.

The following slots were featured during the session:

  • Hand of Anubis (Hacksaw Gaming)
  • Diamond Cascade (Pragmatic Play)
  • Kraken’s Sky Bounty (Pragmatic Play)
  • Mayan Stackways (Hacksaw Gaming)
  • Buffalo Stack’n’Sync (Hacksaw Gaming)
  • Itero (Hacksaw Gaming)
  • Drop’ Em (Hacksaw Gaming)
  • Rotten (Hacksaw Gaming)

However, the confusion was interspersed with bursts of elation, especially when hitting the high-paying symbols. Notably, at one point, the streamer celebrated a significant 2,000x hit. As the session progressed, the winning streak continued with more spins, wild switches, and a substantial profit of $200,000+.

During the stream, interaction with the chat was frequent, with the streamer sometimes poking fun at usernames or responding to comments. At one point, he humorously roasted a viewer for having “69” in their username twice.

Closing with a triumphant tone, Xposed revelled in the game’s unpredictability, emphasizing the significant profit made from the session. Despite the high-energy win, he made light of wanting to run through a wall out of sheer excitement, but refraining due to potential injury.

Watch the full video below:

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