Xposed, a popular casino streamer, announced the launch of his own blackjack table in collaboration with Evolution, a leading provider of live casino solutions. The announcement came in the latest video on his YouTube channel, which has sparked considerable interest among the gaming community.

Xposed playing at his own custom blackjack table from Evolution

In the video, Xposed introduced his viewers to the custom blackjack table. The table not only bears his name but is also embellished with a custom felt layout, featuring hockey skates and sticks graphics, a nod to the streamer’s personal interests.

“I am the only guy ever to have my own table besides a website,” he proclaimed, stressing the uniqueness of the partnership.

The streamer further clarified that the deal didn’t involve him receiving any profits from the table, nor was there a catch in terms of paybacks or affiliate bonuses.

“I don’t gain any kind of profit on this table. It’s strictly just another table of Evolution’s that is named after me,” Coby said, assuring his viewers about the transparency of the collaboration.

The video also showcased the streamer’s direct control over the choice of dealer at his table. He demonstrated this by having his preferred dealer take the hot seat for the night.

“I’m literally gonna give him a better life,” he joked, indicating his ability to ‘send dealers to lunch’ or ‘set them up for the entire night.’

Notably, the video transitioned into a lively session of blackjack, with the streamer engaging in back-to-back rounds on his new table. Amidst the tense moments, thrilling wins, and agonizing losses, Xposed’s charm and humor kept his viewers hooked. He also interacted with his audience, reflecting on personal stories and sharing his thoughts on various topics.

In an emotional moment towards the end of the video, Xposed reflected on his journey, from losing small bets seven years ago on “some really sh**ty websites” to having a table named after him in the world’s leading live casino.

“Today, Evolution opens up their own blackjack table in honor of me,” he stated, expressing his gratitude and describing the experience as both inspiring and humbling.

In conclusion, this unique collaboration between a streamer and a leading live casino provider like Evolution represents a new milestone in the gaming industry. As creators continue to push boundaries and leverage their influence, such partnerships could become the norm, creating exciting opportunities for both content creators and gaming companies.

Watch the full video below:

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