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Syztmz is a renowned casino streamer, primarily showcasing his gameplay at Stake Casino. Despite his online presence, much about his personal life, including his real name and birthdate, remains a mystery. It’s clear from his accent that he hails from Australia. Currently, he lives in Canada, a country with favorable laws and tax structures for online gambling streaming.

Syztmz stands out for his candid and boisterous style. It’s not just his high-stakes gameplay but also this unique persona that has garnered him the admiration of viewers.

Where and When to Watch Syztmz

Syztmz embarked on his streaming journey on Twitch in 2020. Yet, when Twitch introduced stricter policies on gambling streams in October 2022, he, alongside numerous other casino streamers, transitioned to

Syztmz showcases remarkable dedication to his craft. He broadcasts live five days a week, initiating his streams in the early evening and often continuing until the wee hours of the morning. It’s quite typical for Syztmz’s sessions to stretch for 5, 8, or even 10 hours at a time.

Syztmz’s Favorite Games

Syztmz diversifies his streaming content by delving into a range of casino games, ensuring his audience enjoys a dynamic and varied viewing experience.

While slots undeniably form the backbone of Syztmz’s content, he has some particular favorites. Notably, he favors Retro Tapes by Push Gaming, Sugar Rush by Pragmatic Play, and Hand of Anubis by Hacksaw Gaming. In addition to these slots, Syztmz is particularly passionate about games like Plinko and Crazy Time. His engagement in these games is unparalleled, setting him apart from other streamers in the space.

Syztmz’s Favorite Casinos

Syztmz frequently streams from Stake casino. While he asserts that he plays with genuine money, some viewers question his authenticity and believe that Syztmz is fake. This skepticism, however, is not exclusive to him and is a common sentiment towards many renowned casino streamers.

Additionally, Syztmz occasionally plays using his own cryptocurrency at certain recommended casinos off-stream, including:

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Syztmz’s Biggest Wins

Syztmz’s most memorable win was on his beloved game, Plinko. Venturing on a high-risk setup, he played with 13 rows at a staggering $1,000 per ball. To everyone’s amazement, he landed the ball in the edge hole, which had a 260x multiplier. This incredible stroke of luck earned him a whopping $260,000.

But that’s not the end of his notable wins. On the Hand of Anubis slot, with a mere $8 bet, he struck the maximum payout, walking away with $80,000.

In another memorable instance, while indulging in Hacksaw Gaming’s popular Stack ‘Em video slot, Syztmz bagged a hefty $72.9K from just a $10 spin. During the game, he was awarded 12 free spins, which cumulatively fetched him $72,978.00. This translates to an impressive multiplier of 7,297.80x.