Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash

RTP: 99.59%
MAX WIN: x50000
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Cash or Crash is a tactical and entertaining game show that features just one bet and huge potential winnings!

Game Objective

Place a bet and watch as the machine draws different coloured balls that can mean the difference between success or failure.

The game takes place inside a blimp cruising over a bustling metropolis. With each green ball, the blimp takes you to greater heights and greater payouts, but if you draw a red ball, you swiftly return to the ground and crash. The higher you go, the greater the winnings!

Cash or Crash By Evolution Gaming

Cash or Crash By Evolution Gaming

Game Rules

Cash or Crash is a ball drawing game featuring a 20-step ladder-type pay table. The ball drawing machine contains:

  • 19 green balls
  • 1 gold ball
  • 8 red balls

Whenever a green or gold ball is drawn, the player moves 1 step up the pay table. The gold ball grants the player a Shield, protecting the player from the crash when a red ball is drawn. The game ends when a red ball is drawn, unless the player has an active Shield.

Drawn balls are separated from the rest of the balls until the game round is over. For each green or gold ball that is drawn, there is a greater chance that a red ball will be drawn.

Placing Your Bet

Place your bet on the bet spot and see how it creates your pay table of possible winnings.

Cash or Crash

Ball Drawing

Once betting time is over, the ball drawing machine draws the first ball.

  • GREEN BALL: You move up a step in the pay table and your potential winnings increase.
  • GOLD BALL: You move up a step in the pay table, your potential winnings increase, and you receive a Shield that gives you one-time protection from the game-ending effect of a drawn red ball. If the game continues after a Shield is broken, new multipliers replace the previous ones and the payouts increase for even bigger winnings.
  • RED BALL: If you have an active Shield, the Shield is broken, and the game continues on the same level of the pay table. If you do not have an active Shield, the game round ends.

Making Your Decision

When a green ball is drawn or after a Shield is broken, you can make one of the following decisions:

  • CONTINUE: Stay in the game and continue to play with 100% of your potential winnings. This decision is applied by default at the start of each new round.
  • TAKE HALF: Cash out 50% of your potential winnings and continue to play the game round with the remaining 50%.
  • TAKE ALL: Cash out all 100% of your winnings and end the game round for you. You are no longer taking part in the game. Wait for the next game round to start.

If you switch decisions, that choice will become the default for future Decision phases during the current game round, except in cases with too small of potential winnings.

Cashed out winnings are paid out only at the end of the game round. If you choose TAKE HALF multiple times, your cashed out winnings are added to your total winnings.

TAKE HALF is not available when your potential winnings are below R4.

To help you make your decision, a pair of blimps show the percentage change of getting a “good” ball vs. a “bad” ball. There is also a small counter to show how many pay table levels have been reached out of the maximum possible.

Gold Ball and Shield

When a gold ball is drawn, the game goes into a quick-drawing mode where no decisions are made and the multiplier increases according to the paytable (see “Payout Before Shield is Broken” in the Payouts chapter) with each green ball drawn until a red ball is drawn. When the red ball is drawn, the Shield provided by the gold ball is broken and you will be asked to make a decision for each further green ball drawn.

When the Shield is broken, the game round continues as usual. However, when the next green ball is drawn, the payouts on the paytable are increased.

When a red ball is drawn, and you do not have an active Shield, the game ends, and the potential winnings you have not cashed out are lost.

Game Result

After the game round is over or after you TAKE ALL, your total winnings are displayed. However, your balance is only updated after the round is over.

Observing the Game

If you join the game when the game round has already started or have not placed a bet to play with, you can observe the game until the next game round begins.

Recent Games

While betting time is open, the number of balls drawn in the most recent games are shown. It also shows if a gold ball/Shield was part of the game or not.


Pay-table LevelPayout Before Shield is BrokenPayout After Shield is Broken


Maximum payout for all your winnings within a game round is limited. If choosing CONTINUE would potentially take you over the maximum amount, your only options will be the decision to either TAKE HALF or TAKE ALL.

Please note that any malfunction voids the game round and all eventual payouts for the round. Bets will be returned.

Return to Player

The optimal theoretical return-to-player (RTP) percentage is 99.59% based on the minimum bet. Players winning in or around the maximim payout will experience a lower RTP of 94.51% at max bet due to the cap.

The RTP range is 94.51%–99.59%.

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