In a thrilling new video, AyeZee, a gambling enthusiast, embarked on an adrenaline-filled side bet journey on the popular slot game Sweet Bonanza from Pragmatic Play. The gambler started the video by explaining the concept of side bets, available exclusively at Rollbit Casino.

What Are Side Bets?

To begin with side bets, you first need to enter a wager amount, choose a multiplier, and decide whether you’re betting ‘Above’ or ‘Below’. Once side bets are activated, they will be set off every time you place an eligible bet. When setting up your side bets, you can see which wager amounts are eligible directly below the side bets form. Winning a side bet depends on whether the result falls above or below the chosen multiplier. For instance, if you place a side bet for above 10x, you will win the side bet only if the outcome exceeds 10x.

For this session, AyeZee activated two side bets, investing a hefty $30,000, which resulted in a $60,000 total bet for the game. The side bet strategy was to aim for multipliers over 200x and 500x. The former would pay $160,000, and the latter a jaw-dropping $653,000.

Despite the ambitious goal of achieving a 500x multiplier — which AyeZee admitted was “dreaming” — the 200x multiplier seemed more plausible. The action started strong with the first side bet achieved on the first play, a significant start to the session.

During the video, the streamer acknowledged the value of user suggestions and expressed interest in a viewer’s suggestion for a side bet bonus hunt. The concept involves focusing on side bets instead of the actual spins, creating a different kind of bonus opening. The idea sparked excitement, prompting AyeZee to promise a future video based on this strategy.

However, the session was not always smooth sailing. Despite a promising start, the balance began to dwindle after a series of unsuccessful spins. The gambler decided to employ a “race strata,” which required winning more than $7,000 in five spins to trigger a $160,000 win. The side bet fell painfully short, underscoring the volatility and risk inherent in such high-stakes gambling.

Towards the end of the session, the gambler was down and decided to buy a bonus with a $20,000 side bet in an attempt to win $160,000 and resurrect the video. Despite a promising start, the slot didn’t hit the side bet, concluding the video on a low note.

AyeZee took it in stride, though, signing off with thanks to the viewers and promising a better outcome in the next video. Despite the loss, the session offered an insightful look at high-stakes side bet strategies and an exciting, albeit nerve-wracking, rollercoaster ride on Sweet Bonanza.

Watch the full video below:

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