In the video titled “CRAZY $750,000 SESSION ON NEW SLOT PUB KINGS!”, popular casino streamer AyeZee plays the new slot game “Pub Kings” from Pragmatic Play based on a recommendation from Mr. Tomato, his video editor and friend. Throughout the session, the game’s mechanics, centered around characters and their beer kegs which serve as multipliers, perplex AyeZee. The game seems volatile and unpredictable, leading to some significant losses.

AyeZee struggles to understand the rules and symbol upgrades, but repeatedly notes the importance of the green symbol and the top symbol. If you haven’t yet delved into the workings of Pub Kings too, here’s a brief rundown:

Pub Kings is a new Pragmatic Play’s slot that brings forward inventive gameplay elements. Within the free spins mode, each of the five premium symbols is linked to a specific reel. After every free spin, these symbols are gathered on their respective reels. Gathering 6 identical symbols pushes the reel to Level 1. Every subsequent trio of the same symbols pushes the reel’s Level up, peaking at Level 7. Each level unlocks a distinct prize multiplier on your bet.

For Reel 1, Level 1 through 7 offer multipliers of 10x, 25x, 125x, 250x, 600x, 1,000x, and a whopping 5,000x. Reel 2’s levels range from 6x at Level 1, going up to 2,500x at Level 7. Reel 3 starts at 4x for Level 1 and reaches 1,500x by Level 7. Reel 4 offers 3x at the first level and ascends to 750x at the seventh. Lastly, Reel 5 begins with a 2x multiplier at Level 1, and culminates at 500x for Level 7. Hence, the green symbol linked to the second reel is among the game’s most coveted symbols, explaining AyeZee’s keen interest in nabbing it.

At the end of the round, the symbol that has the most collected beers pays out the award it has accrued during the round. If there is a tie, the highest value is awarded.

Despite getting some wins, AyeZee continues to invest more money, leading to bigger losses. He expresses frustration over the game’s unpredictable nature and hints at a playful rivalry with Mr. Tomato for recommending such a challenging game. He frequently comments on the game’s lack of potential and his struggle to win, even after investing significant amounts of money.

AyeZee parted with a staggering $750,000 during the Pub Kings session. Yet, knowing the streamer’s spirit, we anticipate a determined comeback soon!

Watch the full video below:

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