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Bitcoin casino players know that the bonus round is the most exciting part of any slot. This is where they get the opportunity to multiply their bet by hundreds or even thousands of times, which is most often impossible in normal game mode. That’s why game providers have created slots with a Buy Bonus option.

What Is the Bonus Buy Feature?

In traditional slots, players must make a number of spins before a bonus game is triggered. It depends on the volatility of the slot and the luck of the player, but usually, a bonus occurs every 50-150 spins. This means that players should be prepared to lose before they can win a bonus.

In Bitcoin bonus buy slots, players can bypass this process and immediately buy a bonus for a fixed amount. They simply press the corresponding button on the slot interface, and the bonus is theirs. The purchase price is typically equal to 100 base bets, but it may vary. In crypto slots, players can even purchase bonuses worth more than 1,000 bets. The value of the bonus is determined based on the potential return and the stated RTP of each game.

How Bonus Buy Slots Work

Bonus buy slots function much like regular slots, the only difference being that players can pay a multiple of their wager to instantly activate major features. Some bonus purchase slots offer free spins, while others include a selection to choose from.

Activating the bonus buy option is simple. The button to buy the bonus will be clearly displayed, and when clicked, the player will be presented with available options. This usually includes setting a base bet and any other additional features. Options may include choosing a different number of spins or initial multipliers, etc. When the player is satisfied with the configuration and price, they can press the “Start” button to trigger the bonus round. The rules of the bonus round are usually the same, whether it was purchased or triggered naturally. However, players often get some statistical advantage in slots with bonus buy.

Bonus buy slots do not differ from regular slot machines either in appearance or in technical characteristics. This additional feature is easily integrated into the regular gaming software, allowing players to purchase bonus features without disturbing the standard gameplay. To take advantage of it, players simply need to familiarize themselves with the available options by reading the game description and specifications. Some casinos even have a special section for slots with bonus buy to make them easier to find.

It is important to note that the regular slot machine rules still apply when purchasing the bonus, so players should study them in advance. If the platform offers a demo version of bonus buy slots, players can try it out for free to get a feel for the process and determine if the bonus round is worth it.

Why Are Bonus Buy Slots So Popular?

Bitcoin bonus buy slots offer players a quicker route to the most exciting part of the game. Some slots have a monotonous core game, and all the action is set aside for the bonus. Even if they don’t, many players still prefer to go straight to the bonus for a chance to win big, avoiding the usual low multiplier bets.

Available Features and Bonuses

Players can buy the same bonuses that they could win in regular play, mainly free spins. The number of free spins can vary, and some providers offer multiple bonus buy options to choose from, each with a different value. Others retain some element of randomness, allowing players to upgrade the bonus if they get more than three Scatter symbols. Some providers also offer super bonuses that cannot be won in the main game, but they are more expensive.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies

Players can buy bonus games using most of the digital currencies supported at crypto casinos, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. The number of bonus slots available for each cryptocurrency is constantly growing, as many new slots offer the opportunity to buy a bonus with crypto.

Pros and Cons of Bonus Buy Slots

The advantages of games with the bonus buy feature are obvious. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so popular. Players can proceed immediately to the most exciting part of the game, with chances of big winnings, without having to spend time and money on regular spins, which do not guarantee a bonus.

However, there are misconceptions about bonus buys. Some people believe that bonus games are expensive, but the price starts at $20, which is just the standard minimum deposit value. They also believe that purchased bonuses are worse than regular bonuses, but many players have actually caught big winnings from purchased bonuses. Slot RTP does not change with purchased bonuses, and in some cases, the RTP for them is even higher than that of the main game. Overall, Bitcoin bonus buy slots are a real hit in the gambling industry and a great way to try to build up your deposit when playing with cryptocurrency.

Origin of Bonus Buy Slots

The first slot with a bonus buy option was White Rabbit by Big Time Gaming, released in 2017, which introduced the Feature Drop™ option. Since then, this feature has become an industry standard.

White Rabbit stands out from other bonus buy slots because of its token collection feature. In the base game mode, players can collect tokens, which reduce the price of bonus buy or even allow them to run the bonus game for free. This adds an extra level of excitement and makes the bonus buy option more attractive.

Interestingly enough, White Rabbit’s bonus buy feature caused much controversy and eventually led to its ban in the United Kingdom because of concerns that it put vulnerable players at risk by allowing them to quickly spend large sums of money.

Despite this, proponents argue that bonus buy slots offer freedom of choice and can actually save money compared to chasing a bonus. The bonus buy option gives players control, allowing them to know the cost and time needed to trigger the bonus round.


In short, Bitcoin bonus buy slots allow players to purchase a bonus round or feature in addition to regular spins. They can offer big payouts and extra prizes, but have a higher cost than regular spins. Before deciding to buy a bonus round, players should weigh the cost against the potential payout and familiarize themselves with the rules.

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