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The CasinoDaddy channel is your go-to source for engaging casino coverage that is bound to keep you entertained for hours. Consisting of three Swedish brothers – Anton, Eric, and Matthias Joelsson, CasinoDaddy stands as an entertainment powerhouse in the casino streaming space.

Their expertise lies in high-stake online slots, but you’ll also occasionally catch them indulging in poker and live roulette. With a follower count exceeding 190,000, it’s evident that CasinoDaddy are some of the most sought-after streamers on Twitch.

Betting big and clinching exciting wins is part of their appeal. Their success has propelled them to the point where they’ve managed to make a sustainable living from their streams, becoming a full-fledged brand.

Get to Know the CasinoDaddy Team

The CasinoDaddy crew comprises a trio of blonde-haired Swedish brothers who have made their mark in the online casino live stream sector. They keep impressing with massive victories, accumulating a huge follower base and garnering millions of views on their YouTube videos.

Each brother brings their unique style to the game, further reinforcing their bond. CasinoDaddy’s operations are based in Kristianstad, Sweden, where the trio devotes most of their time streaming to their dedicated fans.

The eldest brother, Matthias, embarked on his casino journey as a traditional player before realizing he could transform his passion into a livelihood. Following discussions with his brothers Erik and Anton, CasinoDaddy came into existence. The three brothers usually keep their private lives under wraps, although it’s known that both Matthias and Erik have their own families.

The brothers developed an interest in online casino content back in 2011. They were instantly captivated by the concept, but it was not until 2016 that Mathias decided to try streaming himself. Joined by his brothers, they began creating content that, though initially unpolished, has evolved into the high-quality entertainment we see today.

Their calm behavior, despite placing large bets, sets them apart. Their dedication and meticulous dissection of every slot game’s mechanics have propelled them to the apex of the casino stream industry. Their informative channels and winning personalities keep their fans coming back for more, regardless of the size of their wins or losses.

CasinoDaddy’s founders are now influential figures in the gambling sphere. Their philosophy centers on safe and fair gambling for players globally, a mission that is evident in every stream they publish on their Twitch and YouTube channels. Several assistants contribute to their channel’s content.

Their streams generate income through their two casino affiliate websites, and These websites are operated by Joelsson Media Holding AB, a media company owned by the brothers, with Mathias serving as the CEO.

When and Where to Watch CasinoDaddy’s Streams

CasinoDaddy’s Twitch channel is almost always live. Despite the time difference with Sweden, you can always tune in. Most of their streams can also be found on YouTube, with a comprehensive assortment of playlists, including Funny Moments, Big Wins, and Bonus Hunt.

The Bonus Hunt streams offered by CasinoDaddy are particularly captivating. The Joelsson brothers, known for their regular victories, often secure their more substantial winnings in the slot bonus games. As savvy players know, the bonus rounds are where the special features come into play, including multiplier wilds and expanding symbols. Aware of their viewers’ interests, Anton, Eric, and Matthias intentionally accumulate bonus games prior to initiating their live Bonus Hunt streams, which allow spectators to witness each bonus round in action, one after another.

Consistently dedicated, the Joelsson brothers routinely stream live for an astonishing 14 hours a day, seven days a week. They also diversify the games they play, enabling them to explore a broad spectrum of slots and enhance their understanding. In essence, if you’ve yet to explore CasinoDaddy, it’s a casino streamer channel that certainly deserves your attention.

Are CasinoDaddy Fake?

CasinoDaddy are renowned for their frequent and often substantial victories, which has led some observers to question the authenticity of these wins.

Indeed, this question may seem rhetorical. One might argue that understanding how CasinoDaddy’s streams are set up doesn’t require a great deal of insight. The CasinoDaddy team has partnerships with various casinos and, most likely, significant funds are added to their gaming accounts to mimic real-money gaming. It’s fair to say that every win and enthusiastic celebration might be seen as a performance aimed at captivating the audience.

Nonetheless, this reflects the contemporary landscape of the casino-streaming industry, which is, above all, a commercial endeavor. Understanding this shouldn’t necessarily diminish the enjoyment you derive from CasinoDaddy’s streams. After all, the three brothers invest considerable effort into ensuring their streams are entertaining and more often than not, they succeed in this.

CasinoDaddy’s Favorite Games

A few years back, we would have easily declared Book of Ra as the undisputed favorite of the Swedish gambling trio. However, an influx of impressive slots have since been launched and it’s impossible to disregard them. That’s why the team experiments with a myriad of slots during their sessions, leading to a variety of different games with their win potential displayed throughout the streams.

Although it would be misleading to claim that CasinoDaddy never indulges in blackjack or roulette, it’s accurate to say that slots are their primary focus. As a result, streams featuring live dealers might be scarce, but you can certainly anticipate plenty of slot bonus triggers. When it comes to their betting style, CasinoDaddy has earned a reputation as a group of punters unafraid to place significant bets, further enhancing their appeal.

The team often devotes hours to spinning reels of their preferred slots, like Money Train, Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, Jammin’ Jars, San Quentin, and Fruit Party. These games are notorious for their high volatility, balancing the risks with the potential for substantial payouts. San Quentin, in particular, is the site of one of the biggest multipliers they had to date – an astounding 142,301x.

CasinoDaddy’s Biggest Wins

Unsurprisingly, as a prominent casino streaming channel, CasinoDaddy has witnessed numerous extraordinary wins. What’s intriguing is that many of these remarkable victories have been achieved by CasinoDaddy’s associates rather than the brothers themselves.

The most substantial victory in CasinoDaddy’s history was claimed on the Nitropolis 3 slot by ELK Studios, on June 3, 2022. During the super bonus round, the streamers hit a staggering 90,000x multiplier on a €10 wager, leading to a windfall of nearly a million euros.

On November 12, 2021, CasinoDaddy came incredibly close to securing the maximum prize on Nolimit City’s San Quentin slot. With a mere €4 wager, they managed an astonishing victory of €569,204. This is the same slot we highlighted earlier in the section discussing CasinoDaddy’s favorite games.

CasinoDaddy’s Favorite Casinos

CasinoDaddy often interact with numerous online casino platforms, which is expected given their line of work. The brothers approach their streaming as a business venture, routinely entering into agreements with online casinos to showcase them during their live streams. Some of the larger casinos they engage with include Gamdom and

Below, you’ll find other reliable casinos that CasinoDaddy recommends, each offering a variety of engaging games and upholding a good reputation.

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CasinoDaddy’s Net Worth

CasinoDaddy is more than just a streamer channel; it’s a full-fledged business enterprise with an estimated net worth in the millions of dollars.

Estimating the income and net worth of the CasinoDaddy members is fairly straightforward. Most of their income is funneled through Joelsson Media Holding AB and Webbjätten AB. Public records show that these two companies, managed by CasinoDaddy members, had a combined annual revenue of $4.5 million USD in recent years.

However, it’s worth noting that the actual income and net worth of the brothers may be substantially higher. The figures derived from public records don’t account for Twitch/YouTube donations, personal assets such as homes and stocks, and other revenue streams not disclosed in public documents.

CasinoDaddy Conclusion

If you’re a fan of online casino games, CasinoDaddy, with their captivating streams and diverse range of games, should undoubtedly be on your radar. Their professionalism, expertise, and entertaining gameplay have amassed a loyal fan base, with new fans joining every day.