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Dice is an incredibly popular crypto casino game. Dynamic gameplay, simple rules, and the opportunity to snag massive payouts make it so attractive.

Players frequently wonder which Bitcoin dice casino is the best. We are here to cover top crypto dice websites, show you how to choose them, and explain how to win more.

What is Bitcoin Dice?

In the original Dice casino game, you need to predict the result of a roll of a pair of dice. Surprisingly, in Bitcoin Dice, dice are rarely used. Instead, these games involve an algorithm that generates a random numerical value and thus determines the result of the round.

For a long time, Dice did not spark much interest among players, but the situation has changed with the arrival of crypto casinos. In such casinos, Bitcoin Dice ranks among the most popular games due to its fast-paced gameplay and large winning potential for those ready to take a risk.

6 Best Bitcoin Dice Casinos

The best Bitcoin Dice casinos from our list satisfy a range of criteria ensuring their safety and an exciting gambling experience for players. Check out the reviews of each site to choose the one that suits you best.

LTC Casino – Best Anonymous Bitcoin Dice Casino

LTC Casino Bitcoin Dice

LTC Casino offers two Bitcoin Dice games from BGaming, Rocket Dice and Rocket Dice XY. They have improved visuals and provide the chance to win up to 35.3x of your bet. As with other Bitcoin Dice games, you are free to change the risk settings to win bigger or more frequently.

The main advantage of LTC Casino is the anonymous gambling option. You don’t have to provide personal information or documents to play and withdraw your winnings. Other important benefits include the ability to play from anywhere in the world and instant payouts.

Dice RTP: 99%

LTC Casino Dice Game Screenshot

LTC Casino Dice Game


Stake Casino

Stake offers Dice as part of its Stake Originals in-house game collection. This is the standard version of Bitcoin Dice with a slider that includes values from 0 to 100. Stake Dice also features an advanced mode where you can create automated strategies based on a set of conditions. Another benefit of Stake is its loyalty program, where you can earn weekly and monthly bonuses based on your activity over the past period.

Dice RTP: 99%

Stake Casino Dice Game Screenshot

Stake Casino Dice Game


Primedice Casino

This casino offers one single game, namely Bitcoin Dice. You may notice that it is suspiciously similar to Dice from the previous example. That’s because Primedice is the project from the creators of Stake started back in 2013.

An impressive advantage of Primedice is the jackpot. Roll 77.77 twice in a row to win it! At the time of writing, the jackpot value at Primedice exceeds an incredible 113 BTC.

Dice RTP: 99%

Primedice Casino Dice Game Screenshot

Primedice Casino Dice Game


TrustDice Casino

Another casino that had its start with Bitcoin Dice. The options for interacting with the game at TrustDice are similar to those of the previous two casinos.

There is also a jackpot available. To win, you only need to roll 77.77 once. Doing so is much easier than in the case of Primedice, where you need to roll it twice. At the time of writing, the value of the jackpot slightly exceeds 3 BTC.

Dice RTP: 99%

TrustDice Casino Dice Game Screenshot

TrustDice Casino Dice Game


BitStarz Casino Online

BitStarz casino also has its version of Bitcoin Dice. Although there is no jackpot and the RTP is a bit lower, you might be interested in their welcome bonus. The value of the welcome package may reach an incredible 5 BTC, depending on your deposit size. Furthermore, you can earn reload bonuses on Mondays and free spins on Wednesdays, while loyal players may expect a weekly bonus on Fridays.

Dice RTP: 98%

BitStarz Casino Dice Game Screenshot

BitStarz Casino Dice Game


Duelbits Casino

Along with the standard Bitcoin Dice, Duelbits offers Dice Duels. In this version of Dice, you will compete against other players. If you create a new game, you can set the buy-in value and the number of players, from 2 to 10. When there are enough players, each of them will be invited to make a roll. The one who manages to roll the highest value takes the prize pool. This is an exciting game, but keep in mind that Duelbits charges a 5% fee on each round. For regular Dice, the casino has a 2% edge.

Dice RTP: 95/98%

Duelbits Casino Dice Game Screenshot

Duelbits Casino Dice Game

Bitcoin Dice vs Regular Dice

As described above Dice games are almost unknown at traditional online casinos but extremely popular at Bitcoin casinos. This is due to the unique advantages that Bitcoin Dice games have.

Advantages of Bitcoin Dice
  • Provably fair
    Crypto enthusiasts who were behind the first Bitcoin casinos suggested using algorithms similar to those of Bitcoin to verify the fairness of game results. This allows players to independently verify the integrity of games and ensures an unprecedented level of transparency.
  • Anonymous
    Bitcoin Dice gives you a unique opportunity to play anonymously. Players don’t have to reveal any personal information or send documents. This is simply not possible when playing at traditional online casinos. Note that not all crypto casinos allow anonymous gambling. Consider no KYC Bitcoin Dice casinos to benefit from this perk.
  • Higher RTP
    Bitcoin casinos incur lower costs as they don’t have to pay fees to traditional payment systems. This allows them to provide a higher RTP in games, making them more profitable for players.
  • Better bonuses
    Another effect of lower expenses is that Bitcoin Dice casinos are able to offer better bonuses. With the higher RTP, this is a double benefit for the player.
Disadvantages of Bitcoin Dice
  • Weak licensing.
    Many Bitcoin Dice casinos operate without a license or with weak licenses. This implies lower reliability for players. On the other hand, provably fair algorithms ensure the integrity of games. To avoid withdrawal issues, players should opt for reputable Bitcoin Dice casinos.
  • Fees
    In the past, to play Bitcoin Dice, players would send a new transaction for each new bet. This entailed additional fees and waiting times. However, modern Bitcoin Dice casinos are free from this drawback. Sending transactions is only required for deposits and withdrawals. There is no need to make them while playing.

How to Find the Best Bitcoin Dice Casino

Your decision of which Bitcoin Dice casino to stick with should be based on your own preferences and conditions. This can be influenced by a number of factors, such as your country of residence, stake size, or the desire to receive bonuses. Yet, some requirements are mandatory for a Bitcoin Dice casino to be simply considered worthy.

Games Available

Naturally, if you want to play Dice, the Bitcoin casino of your choice must support the game. Dice versions may vary from casino to casino. Sign up at multiple casinos to see which one you enjoy the most.


The casino’s reputation is just as important as the presence of the games you want to play. To assess a casino’s reputation, check out feedback from other players or rely on a review site like ours.

Provably fair Dice provide an extra guarantee of reliability. Be aware that some sites claim to use provably fair algorithms, when in fact they do not. This is a serious red flag that could indicate that the casino can interfere with the game results.

Allowed Countries and Anonymity

Bitcoin Dice casinos may restrict access from certain countries. Residents of these countries are not allowed to play in such casinos. If the player breaks the rules, the casino may close their account and confiscate the available balance. Make sure that residents of your country are allowed to play in the casino before making a deposit.

On the other hand, anonymous Bitcoin Dice casinos do not require you to disclose personal information, including your country of residence. This makes it possible to play from anywhere in the world. LTC Casino is a great example of an anonymous Bitcoin Dice casino.

Withdrawal Times

Most players expect quick or even instant withdrawals when playing at Bitcoin Dice casinos. And yet, some of these casinos take hours or days to process withdrawal requests. Currently, the selection of Bitcoin Dice casinos is so huge that there is no reason for players to use websites that deliberately delay payouts.


Many Bitcoin Dice casinos offer players bonuses and loyalty program rewards. These can be deposit bonuses, free Bitcoins, free bets, and so on. Bonuses may vary significantly from casino to casino. Choose the one that best suits your playstyle.

How to Play Bitcoin Dice

One of the reasons why Bitcoin Dice is so popular is how easy it is to start playing. Just a couple of bets will be sufficient for you to be fully prepared. Before that, you will need to find a reputable Bitcoin Dice casino. Fortunately, we’ve done this part for you. Simply choose any casino from the list on this page, and the best gaming experience will be guaranteed for you.

After you make a deposit, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps before placing your first bet.

  1. Choose the bet size;
  2. Select the desired range using the slider or buttons;
  3. Place your bet.

You can also use the autoplay feature to place a set number of bets with the desired settings.

Bitcoin Dice Strategies

Bitcoin Dice is a game with flexible risk settings. Use this feature to increase your odds and get the most out of the game.

  • Customize your risk level to suit you. The higher the risk level, the greater the potential reward. Adjust the risk level so that it matches your preferred playstyle.
  • Choose a suitable bet size. Certainly, larger winnings make the game much more exciting. In order to achieve them, you should play at a high risk. However, it also implies a higher possibility of losing. Accordingly, the higher the risk level you choose, the smaller the bet size should be, and vice versa. The lower the risk, the more you can bet.
  • Play Bitcoin Dice with a high RTP. The RTP directly affects your odds. Therefore, the higher the RTP, the better. Dice is one of the most profitable Bitcoin casino games for the player. A good RTP value for Bitcoin Dice is considered to be around 99%.
  • Limit the time and money you spend on gambling. You may have heard this a hundred times, but the importance of this recommendation should not be underestimated. You can easily get carried away with Bitcoin Dice. Hence, never put more into the game than you’re ready to lose. The same applies to time. Casino games are great fun, but they should not become your only hobby. If you notice that they have become a problem, limit your access to casinos and seek help.

Bitcoin Dice Casinos FAQ

Is Bitcoin Dice legal?

Yes, Bitcoin Dice is perfectly legal. Moreover, you can play it even from the countries where access to online casinos is generally restricted.

Is Bitcoin Dice safe?

Yes. Many versions of Bitcoin Dice are based on provably fair algorithms, which guarantees their safety and trustworthiness.

How can I win at Bitcoin Dice?

The key to an optimal playstyle at Bitcoin Dice is adjusting your risk level and stakes. Use these two parameters to customize the game according to your preferences.