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Cody Burnett, famously recognized as Xposed, is an English-language streamer whose content is primarily centered around gambling, with a particular focus on online casinos.

Born in 1996, Cody began his streaming journey with Call of Duty before venturing into the casino world in 2017. He quickly became a popular figure in the streaming universe, now earning thousands of dollars monthly, thanks to his growing follower count.

Known for his vibrant and outgoing personality, Cody, off-screen, enjoys a serene life in Ontario, Canada, with his high school love turned fiancée Shania, their son Linkin, and their pet dog. On Twitch, Xposed boasts approximately 540,000 followers. Known for his humor and high energy, Xposed is as much a performer as he is a player, often staking $100 or more per bet.

Xposed’s Streams Highlights

Xposed’s channel offers viewers slots and online casino content with bonus hunts and tournaments, table games, and especially blackjack videos. He announces his videos, casino streams, latest merchandise, and provides an overview of slot tournaments and casino lotteries on his website, Xposed.tv. His team of streamers, named Xposers, provides casino content and entertainment around the clock.

Where and When Does Xposed Stream?

Xposed’s streaming varies across different platforms. For instance, he primarily streams in the “Just Chatting”, Call of Duty and other computer game categories on Twitch. However, casino streams are predominantly found on Kick.com, with some content on YouTube.

Xposed often streams online gambling content on Kick.com in the evenings, particularly from 9 pm Toronto time. His streaming sessions typically last around 5 hours, sometimes longer, and commence earlier on weekends.

While known for his humorous personality, Xposed takes his streaming career seriously and consistently delivers quality content. This can be attributed to his passion for gaming and the financial responsibilities he has towards his family.

While live streaming takes place on Kick.com and Twitch, fans have the option of viewing older broadcasts as videos on his YouTube channel. Essentially, there’s hardly any social media channel Cody misses out on.

Is Xposed Fake?

A common query among fans of casino gambling streamers is the authenticity of the money they play with. Many fans suspect Xposed uses fake money due to the high stakes he wagers on a daily basis.

Xposed previously had a fill-money agreement with Roobet, where the casino would cover his losses, and he would retain 25% of his winnings, a claim he made himself on Twitter. This arrangement, which ensured he wouldn’t lose, led many to consider him as playing with fake money.

Xposed’s arrangement with Stake, where he plays presently, is unknown, but the consensus among many is that a similar deal exists. In the absence of any clarity, it is advisable to assume a streamer plays with fake money.

After a significant loss in a casino game, Xposed mentioned on Twitter that he lost only 30% of the money, implying that the casino covers 70% of his losses during streams. If true, then Xposed plays with real money, although most losses are covered by the casino. The distribution of his winnings, however, remains unknown.

Xposed’s Favorite Games

Xposed’s content varies. He sometimes plays high stake slot games and displays his skills at live table games or Plinko. He initially streamed games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, PUBG, GTA V, and many others but now streams primarily casino games.

His live game favorites are Live Blackjack, Crazy Time, and Funky Time, with Live Blackjack being his top choice. He’s a passionate blackjack player known for his high-energy gaming sessions.

Xposed also appreciates viewer preferences and streams slot games, favoring the classics and bonus slots. His most commonly played machines include Reactoonz, Gigantoonz, Wanted Dead or a Wild, Stack’em, Toshi Video Club, Zeus vs Hades – Gods of War, Fruit Party, 888 Dragons, Juicy Fruits, The Dog House, Sweet Bonanza, and Madame Destiny Megaways. As evident from his choices, he frequently opts for slots developed by Pragmatic Play. This leads to two possible conclusions: either he genuinely appreciates their unique style and rewarding gameplay, or he might have a sponsorship agreement with them.

He occasionally plays Plinko, and during a recent stream, he hit the biggest multiplier (x1,000), turning a $300 bet into a $300,000 win.

Xposed’s Favorite Casinos

Initially, Xposed had accounts with numerous casinos, but eventually, he became a significant streamer playing exclusively at Roobet Casino. Following a near $5 million win, he moved to Stake Casino, where he plays now most of the time. Furthermore, you can observe him playing at the following casinos occasionally:

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100% Bonus up to $100
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Weekly Slot Race and Lottery

How Much Is Xposed’s Net Worth?

Though he shares plenty of personal details, Xposed does not disclose his income or net worth. Despite speculations about the profitability of his streaming career, the exact numbers remain unknown.

Research indicates that Cody earns a substantial income from social media and live streaming, having achieved what many other streamers aspire to. Given his age in the mid-20s, he has many promising years ahead. His career began on Twitch as soon as he was of legal age. Now, all he needs are cameras and his hundreds of thousands of loyal fans.

When estimating a streamer’s wealth, the number of viewers or followers is often used as a reference. Xposed, who also offers a paid subscription feature, is no exception. While this feature guarantees consistent monthly revenue, his income from promoting online casinos on social media is expected to be much higher.

Estimated revenue calculation: 540,000 followers * 25% active at Casino * $100 possible commission = $13,500,000 estimated revenue

This estimate does not account for additional income from subscriptions, YouTube, or Instagram, or potential investments in cryptocurrency or other ventures.

Xposed’s Biggest Wins

Xposed’s most significant win was on the slot game Hot Fiesta in 2021, where he won an astonishing $4,718,280 from 27 free spins.

Moreover, on Xposed’s channels, you can frequently witness remarkable wins during his bonus hunts. It is not uncommon to see winnings of several thousand dollars. Additionally, Cody achieved an astonishing victory of $500,000 while playing Crazy Time.

Xposed Casino Streamer Conclusion

Xposed, besides his gaming skills, is known for his candidness about his life. A Canadian gamer since childhood, Xposed loves streaming a range of games and has won millions from some of these games. Compared to top streamers like Roshtein, he started off with modest bet sizes, which have since increased to hundreds and thousands of dollars per round.

Xposed’s humor, genuine joy, and euphoria set him apart. He balances a relaxed streaming style with an occasional ecstatic reaction to big wins. Despite his success, he remains down-to-earth and hardworking, ensuring he stays in his fans’ minds and provides them with daily highlights.