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If you’re on the hunt for engaging casino streamers, Roshtein is undeniably a name you should consider. He is a top-ranking slot streamer known for his thrilling content.

Recognizable by his long hair, hat, and irresistibly charismatic personality, Roshtein is famous for his substantial wagers. His bets usually commence at a hefty 1,000 dollars per spin and often escalate from there.

One of the perks is that Roshtein is a high-stakes player, allowing us a peek into a gambling echelon that may not be within everyone’s reach. To top it off, his entertainment value is sky-high. While he is indeed a gambler, his rise in popularity was no mere stroke of luck.

When and Where to Watch Roshtein’s Streams

If you’re interested in catching one of Roshtein’s thrilling streams, is the platform to visit. Although Roshtein doesn’t follow a strict timetable, he typically starts streaming during the afternoon and evening, escalating to intense gaming sessions around 8 pm. This is based on Swedish time, given that’s where this casino superstar resides.

Previously, Roshtein was predominantly streaming on Twitch, garnering a following of more than a million. But, in the wake of stringent restrictions imposed on online gambling by Twitch, he, along with other casino streamers, had to transition to, an alternative platform. Those curious about the specifics of this incident can view the attached video.

Roshtein’s Streams: Highlights

While Roshtein occasionally places more modest bets, what he’s truly renowned for, and what his audience greatly appreciates, is his penchant for high-stakes gambling. These high stakes translate to larger winnings and, we have to confess, heightened thrill. Simply observing him gives you a sense of what it feels like to gamble at the “whale” level, with all the risk borne by him.

Apart from his outsized bets, one of the elements propelling Roshtein to the forefront of casino streaming is the variety of special features within his Twitch streams. Most notably, there are ‘Bonus Hunts’, wherein he gathers free spins on multiple slots prior to his stream, and then plays them sequentially during the stream, resulting in an exciting series of bonus games.

Equally popular is the ‘RoshFails’ segment. As the name suggests, this segment showcases the “highlights” of Roshtein’s significant losses. After all, he’s only human, and these segments offer viewers a chance to share some of his less fortunate moments, lightening the mood with a shared chuckle.

Is Roshtein Fake?

If the legitimacy of Roshtein’s streams may affect your entertainment, you might want to skip directly to the next part. Undeniably, Roshtein is an extraordinary entertainer. Yet, anyone with even a slight familiarity with online casinos would understand that after years of playing at such high stakes, he would’ve lost a fortune amounting to billions.

The first sign of Roshtein potentially playing on “special” terms, for example, using non-withdrawable (fake) money, is his refusal to display his casino deposits and withdrawals. Certain casinos are aware of this and have gone even further, hence, the only foolproof way to confirm a player is gambling with their own funds is by correlating their bank statements with their deposits and, importantly, their withdrawals. So, who’s seen his bank statement? That’s right, no one!

During one of his earlier streams, he accidentally activated the practice mode. It became evident to everyone that he was using play money when he opened the game in demo mode, with the same balance as his “real money” account. And he looked rather flustered, to tell the truth.

Sure enough, steps have been taken to avoid such situations from recurring in the future. However, even if Roshtein gets funds from Stake, which he then deposits into his player account, it doesn’t negate the fact that it’s essentially fake money.

Therefore, it’s accurate to say that Roshtein, along with other Stake streamers, are indeed using fake funds. Such is the nature of the contemporary casino-streaming landscape. Accept it or reject it.

Roshtein’s Net Worth

Roshtein boasts a net worth exceeding $100 million, cementing his position as one of the most affluent online casino streamers. While the exact sum is ambiguous, gauging from Roshtein’s achievements in the online gambling scene and the validated earnings of his streaming contemporaries, this figure should be a conservative estimate of his possible income.

This prominent casino streamer delivers several hours of live streams each day, with his income escalating parallel to the viewer count. It’s well-known that Roshtein has a partnership with Stake Casino. Considering his significance in the arena of casino streaming and his capacity to lure players, it’s a safe bet to assume that this deal is worth millions of dollars.

Roshtein’s Favorite Casinos

While Roshtein once frequented various crypto casinos, he now primarily plays at Stake. Additionally, you can sometimes see Roshtein streaming from the following online casinos:

Fully Anonymous
Bonuses up to €1000
Weekly reloads and races
Extensive Loyalty Program
100% Bonus up to $100
100% Bonus up to €100
Weekly Slot Race and Lottery

Roshtein’s Favorite Games

Roshtein’s primary playground is the realm of slots, but does he have specific games that he gravitates towards? The answer, as you might expect, is both Yes and No. As an internationally recognized streamer, Roshtein exhibits a wide array of games, from high-risk, high-reward slots to games with lower volatility, aiming to captivate a diverse viewer base.

Nonetheless, he does have his preferred games. Wanted Dead or a Wild, the slot game which awarded him his most substantial win to date, consistently makes his playlist. Watching these streams offers an exhilarating ride, as the volatility of the slot fused with Roshtein’s characteristically substantial stakes creates a whirlwind of highs and lows.

Additional games frequently featured in Roshtein’s streams include Power of Merlin, Zeus vs Hades, Razor Returns, and RIP City. These volatile slots are capable of delivering massive wins. Occasionally, he deviates towards games with lower risk, such as Plinko. Paired with his daringly high bets, these games can transform into quite the thrill ride.

Roshtein’s Biggest Wins

Roshtein’s high-stakes betting habits, with regular spins costing $1,500 or more, have resulted in a plethora of outstanding wins. One such remarkable win was on the online slot game, Wanted Dead or a Wild, where he raked in a staggering amount of $17.5 million. Furthermore, in July 2022, he broke his personal record in the same game, walking away with an impressive $18,726,900. This outcome occurred when the VS symbol landed simultaneously on all 5 reels, carrying multipliers of 8x, 5x, 8x, 20x, and 3x, respectively.

Roshtein Casino Streamer Conclusion

Though each casino streamer adds a unique flavor, Roshtein is globally acknowledged as one of the elite, possibly the pinnacle. His drive to captivate his audience and draw top-tier brands to his channel has led to his current position as one of the most successful casino streamers. Roshtein’s engaging casino gaming content is sure to continue enchanting viewers for years to come. If you haven’t explored Roshtein’s content yet, it’s time you did. Regardless of whether his style aligns with your preferences, there’s no denying the entertainment value he brings to the table.


Personal Information

  • Full Name: Ishmael Swartz
  • Nickname: Roshtein
  • Date of Birth: 1988
  • Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Casino Streamer Since: 2016
  • Net Worth: $100 mil+

Social Media Following

Interesting Facts

  • Roshtein adopted his pseudonym as a tribute to the notorious American gambler and racketeer of the 19th century, sharing the same name.
  • In his first year of live streaming, Roshtein came to a point when he considered abandoning casinos to pursue a more conventional career path.

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