The world of online gaming was set ablaze recently as popular gaming streamer, Roshtein, navigated through the thrilling yet perilous journey in the newly launched octopus monster-themed game, “Kraken’s Sky Bounty” from Pragmatic Play. In a live stream, the streamer took viewers through an exciting and unexpected ride that left them glued to their screens.

Roshtein kicked off the stream with a mix of anticipation and uncertainty, unsure about the potential rewards that the game might bring. As the game progressed, his skepticism began to transform into admiration.

During the session, he demonstrated how to unleash Kraken wilds and Zeppelin scatters throughout the play, creating a spectacle for viewers. As Roshtein engaged with the game, he gradually accumulated wilds in the squares. The climax came when he began to accumulate scatters in an attempt to score big.

In a thrilling turn of events, the gaming influencer managed to secure multiple wilds, triggering significant rewards. Roshtein’s initial reaction to this windfall was one of disbelief, but his enthusiasm became palpable as he continued to rake in wilds and scatters.

As he dove further into “Kraken’s Sky Bounty”, Roshtein emphasized that the game is available through the Pragmatic Play’s game lobby. He also pointed out that the maximum bet in this game is capped at $250.

The streamer compared the game’s payout lines to another popular game, “Juicy Fruits”, suggesting a similar payout structure. During his gameplay, he achieved an impressive 1,200X profit, raising excitement among viewers.

Adding a humorous twist to his commentary, Roshtein shared an anecdote about once knowing a girl who was a neighbor of Robert Plant, the famous singer of Led Zeppelin. He jokingly referred to this connection as making him a groupie, sparking amusement among his audience.

As Roshtein delved deeper into the game, he collected more wilds and scatters, leading to a second significant profit. In one particularly exciting moment, he racked up seven wilds, leading to substantial rewards and sparking jubilant reactions from viewers.

The gaming stream wrapped up with Roshtein praising the “Kraken’s Sky Bounty” for its immersive gameplay and promising rewards. Despite his initial skepticism, Roshtein’s session proved not only profitable but also entertaining, making “Kraken’s Sky Bounty” a potential new favorite among gaming enthusiasts.

Watch the full video below:

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