Popular online casino streamer, Roshtein, left fans on the edge of their seats in the latest episode of “The Dog House Dice Show” by Pragmatic Play. The video showcased the thrilling highs of his gameplay and the palpable excitement that ensued.

From the beginning, there’s a sense of anticipation. As the game progressed, there were clear moments of elation evident through repeated applause and the upbeat tempo of the background music.

Roshtein fortuitously landed a $500 bet bonus game with 16 spins, a seldom occurrence in games from “The Dog House” series. Within just 4 spins, he secured 4 Wild symbols; three of these aligned on the active line, boasting a x3 multiplier — an even more exceptional event.

The tension builds up  with only 11 spins left. A series of wins sees a slew of symbols line up in Roshtein’s favor. The joyous exclamations peak when he gets a full line of Jacks, pink dogs, and the sought-after blue dogs. With each successful spin, there’s an increase in winnings.

As the video draws to a close, Roshtein reveals that this is his new personal record on “The Dog House Dice Show”. He impressively multiplied his bet by over 850 times, culminating in an astonishing payout nearing half a million dollars.

In sum, Roshtein’s “The Dog House Dice Show” was an exhilarating showcase of gaming strategy, luck, and sheer joy at the game’s unpredictability. Those who tuned in were treated to a masterclass in both gameplay and entertainment.

Watch the full video below:

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