In a riveting video breakdown, we witnessed what might be one of the largest and most electrifying wins in online Blackjack history, involving Roshtein, a prominent online gambler.

The game started with Roshtein taking to one of the newly-designed Blackjack tables with a balance slightly over a million. After a series of standard plays, Roshtein upped the stakes with $100,000 hands, making viewers hold their breath at each card flip. “That’s a perfect 21! Great choice!” exclaimed the commentator as Roshtein made some expert moves early on.

There were highs and lows, with a few hands leaning in Roshtein’s favor and some giving viewers moments of suspense, “is he going to double the 11?” being a constant query. But as the game continued, it became clear that Roshtein was on a heater, with his account balance rocketing upwards.

Perhaps the pinnacle moment was when Roshtein, playing five hands, bagged an astounding $1.4 million win. The commentator remarked, “I do believe that is the biggest win I’ve ever seen anyone ever get.”

It wasn’t just about Roshtein’s gameplay; his strategies and decisions also took center stage. At one point, Roshtein chose to double against a 10 – a move that split opinions among viewers. The commentator remarked, “that’s why he’s in that chair and I’m in this one,” as Roshtein’s audacious play paid off in spades.

By the end of the session, Roshtein’s balance peaked at an astonishing 2.5 million. Despite the massive gains, he showcased restraint, hinting at stopping while he was ahead, noting, “it’s a good time to leave.” Those who watched it live or caught the replay would agree – they witnessed a piece of online gambling history.

Watch the full video below:

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